FIU National Student Exchange (NSE) Program

FIU National Student Exchange (NSE) Program

International (F-1)/ Canadian (J-1) Students: International Health Insurance Requirements: 

  • Students exchanging from Canada(J-1 Visa) & International students entering FIU with an F-1 Visa from other US States must coordinate adequate proof of international health insurance by either of the two options:
  1. Purchase alternative insurance coverage that complies with FIU requirements and with visa regulations. Alternative health insurance plans are listed on FIU’s Health Compliance website: FIU Approved Alternative Insurance Plans. Students must purchase the alternative insurance plan and work with the insurance provider directly to complete FIU’s International Student Health Insurance Compliance Form.
  2. Purchase FIU’s International Health Insurance plan with Aetna Health: International Health Insurance plans with Aetna Health (Academic Health Plan) should be available by every June prior to the upcoming academic year. 

International Students will not be able to register for courses without satisfying the International Health Insurance requirement with FIU. Students will have an insurance hold (IMI) on their MyFIU account until this requirement is satisfied with the university. 

The NSE program requires full-time enrollment during each exchange term (minimum twelve (12) credit hours per term). International students must enroll full-time (12 credit hours) per term -at least 9 credit hours must be in person courses.  

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