Do you have what it takes to lead?

College is the best environment to learn what it takes to be a leader. You can become a campus leader by joining one or more of these student organizations. Find an organization that aligns with your interests and start building skills in decision-making, communication, community service, and more.

Student Programming Council

Members of the Student Programming Council (SPC) are responsible for creating year-round events and activities for the student body. Ever wanted to peek behind the curtain of a concert or celebrity guest speaker event? SPC is the place for you.

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Leadership and Service

Leaders don't just lead, they give back. No one knows this better than the Center for Leadership and Service. Want to make your campus and community a better place? Our students run the Student Food Pantry, raise funds for children's hospitals and cancer research, and build the skills they need for a life of service and civic engagement.

Student Government Association

Aspiring leaders who want to serve in the highest office at FIU join Student Government Association. A run for office is an exciting way to get into politics and represent the interests of your peers. Learn about what SGA does for FIU and how you can join.

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Black Student Union

Leaders with a passion for diversity, inclusion, culture and community should join the Black Student Union. BSU's mission is to advocate for, educate on behalf of, and celebrate students of the African-Diaspora through activities and events. BSU also works to ensure that concerns related to the African Diaspora are addressed to the Student Government Association and Administration.

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FYE Peer Mentor Program

The FYE Peer Mentor program is for students who want to be FIU student leaders by assisting First Year Experience instructors throughout the length of the course. Peer Mentors guide fellow students throughout their first semester of college and are a great resource for students in and outside of the classroom. Peer Mentors have the opportunity to lead group activities and discussions during the class and establish special bonds with the students and instructor.

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