Alternative Health Insurance

If you have your own insurance policy, your insurance company must complete and send the International Student Alternative Health Insurance Compliance Form directly to FIU-Health Compliance Unit at

Note: The FIU Health Compliance Unit will not be able to review any alternative health insurance plan without the Alternative Health Insurance Compliance Form. The guidelines for insurance have been established by the Florida Board of Governors and must be met. Please review the Florida Board of Governors state regulation before purchasing any alternative plan.

The completed compliance form must verify the following:

  • the coverage meets or exceeds the minimum FIU requirements
  • the name, address, and telephone number of a claims agent in the United States
  • you are covered under the policy
  • your insurance has been pre-paid through the current year

Also, the Health Compliance Unit must receive the International Student Alternative Health Insurance Compliance Form directly from your insurance company. Your policy will be reviewed, and if it complies with the guidelines, you will be cleared to register. If your policy does not comply with the guidelines, you will not be cleared until you provide documentation of insurance coverage that meets FIU requirements; or purchase the FIU Sponsored Health Insurance Plan.

Please be aware that there is a 24-48 hours processing time during weekdays for all incoming documents. To check the status of your hold, you may log on to your

Alternative Health Insurance Compliance Form

FIU Approved Alternative Insurance Plans

By clicking the link below, you understand that Florida International University does not endorse alternative insurance plans and that you are strongly advised to review the policies of alternative plans prior to purchasing coverage or contact FIU Health Compliance for assistance at 305-348-3336 or

FIU Approved Alternative Insurance Plans

***Compliance Form submission not required for PSI, ISI, and ISO. Enrollment notification is received by Health Compliance within 48-72 hours of purchase of the approved policies.

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