Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • Why is health insurance important?

    Health insurance provides protection for unexpected illnesses and injuries that can interrupt your education and takes care of the expenses for preventative and routine health care. Students without health insurance often neglect their health or defer their health care because of the expense. No student should have to decide between continuing his or her education or paying a medical bill.

  • Is Insurance required if I am not an international student, not studying, or studying online or overseas for Summer?

    Insurance is only required for F1/J1 visa students. F1/J1 visa student Summer class enrollment is optional, but insurance coverage is MANDATORY, regardless of overseas, in-person or online status.

    New Students studying online or overseas for their first semester must request a visa status update from FIU Admissions by sending an email to (undergraduate students) or (graduate students).

    Returning students who no longer qualify for F1/ J1 visa status that have an insurance hold need to submit a “Adjustment of Status” request to the FIU ISSS Portal. Your insurance hold will be removed if your FIU profile no longer reflects F1/J1 visa status.

    Please Note: Status updates take 5-7 business days, so plan ahead regarding registration!

  • My insurance has sent me a form to be completed by FIU to confirm eligibility for services. Where do I send it?

    Your insurance company is asking for enrollment verification to confirm your student status. Please email the form to the FIU Enrollment Services at Please be advised that enrollment verification can only be provided after the end of the add/drop period for the semester!

  • What is the deadline for submitting proof of insurance for the semester?

    There is no specific deadline for submitting insurance for the semester. However, as insurance holds prevent class registration, the suggested deadline is the last day to add/drop classes for the term, which is the end of the first week of classes.

  • I have graduated from FIU but I still received an insurance hold. What do I do?

    Insurance holds are automatically applied to all international student Panther accounts every term just before registration begins.  International student accounts remain active in the FIU system for up to one year ( 3 semesters) after a student’s last enrollment.  As holds only affect the student’s ability to register for next semester classes, graduated students do not need to remove it. Insurance holds do NOT prevent students from graduating or ordering transcripts.

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Insurance Provided by Scholarships and Special Programs

  • I am currently or previously enrolled in the Global First Year Program. How do I access insurance?

    Current G1Y students are automatically enrolled into the G1Y policy with insurance provider, Wellfleet Student. Insurance holds are removed after Health Compliance receives the complete list of enrolled students prior to the end of the registration period. Former G1Y students can renew their insurance plan on the University Health Plans website (link below) by clicking on the "Enrollment Form" link on the left-hand side of the page or purchase one of the other insurance options. Please note that progressed students become ineligible for the Wellfleet Student Insurance if their coverage lapses for more than one semester.

    FIU- Global First Year

  • My insurance is covered by a scholarship from my government. How do I remove the insurance hold?

    Please complete the student information section of the Alternative Insurance Compliance Form and send it to the designated Student Health Advisor with your embassy with your Embassy ID number. Holds will be removed when the completed form is received from your embassy official

    Please Note: Financial Guarantees, FSL letters, or insurance cards are NOT considered sufficient for the insurance requirement.

  • I have a Fulbright IIE scholarship that covers insurance. What do I do?

    Please send a copy of your Fulbright Award letter to with your Panther ID number. We will forward the letter to our insurance broker to create an invoice for the cost of your insurance coverage. Your insurance hold will be removed when confirmation of invoice creation is received from our insurance broker. Please NOTE: It may take several weeks for payment of the invoice to be received and your coverage to be active.