The Office of Orientation and Family Programs serves everyone who walks through the doors of the university, and in particular, our new students and their family members. The staff and leadership are dedicated to easing the transition into FIU and hope to infuse the Panther spirit into this community through each of our programs.

Staff & Student Assistants

  • Carol Galladian

    Carol Galladian

  • Vanessa Franco

    Vanessa Franco
    Assistant Director

  • Mel Freiria

    Mel Freiria
    Assistant Director

  • Sela Andrews

    Sela Andrews
    Graduate Assistant

  • Emanuel Boeck

    Emanuel Boeck
    Student Assistant

  • Emily Fornaris

    Emily Fornaris
    Student Assistant

  • Luis Gutierrez

    Luis Gutierrez
    Student Assistant

  • Malek Ben Cheikh

    Malek Ben Cheikh
    Student Assistant

  • Maria Belen Rivero

    Maria Belen Rivero
    Student Assistant

  • Saadiq Khan

    Saadiq Khan
    Student Assistant

  • Alexis Murray

    Alexis Murray
    Student Assistant

  • Nicolas Marquez

    Nicolas Marquez
    Student Assistant

2022 Peer Advisors and Orientation Assistants

Each year a group of enthusiastic and responsible FIU students are selected to become Orientation Peer Advisors and Orientation Assistants. These special students are trained to assist with all new student orientation programs throughout the year as well as other programs for new students and their families. In this capacity, they serve as resources for new students and their parents, they assist FIU staff with planning and implementation of the programs, and they are viewed as student leaders among the University community.

  • Alexis Murray

    Alexis Murray
    Orientation Assistant

  • Christian Ramirez

    Christian Ramirez
    Peer Advisor

  • Daniel Rey

    Daniel Rey
    Peer Advisor

  • Jaynah Geneus

    Jaynah Geneus
    Peer Advisor

  • Keke James

    Keke James
    Orientation Assistant

  • Luci Renjifo

    Luci Renjifo
    Peer Advisor

  • Melinda Mondelus

    Melinda Mondelus
    Peer Advisor

  • Nia Canady

    Nia Canady
    Peer Advisor

  • Oriana Villalobos

    Oriana Villalobos
    Orientation Assistant

  • Santana Way

    Santana Way
    Peer Advisor

  • Shemara Hibbert

    Shemara Hibbert
    Peer Advisor

  • Sofia Ramirez

    Sofia Ramirez
    Peer Advisor

2022 Panther Camp Team

Panther Camp is coordinated by a select group of students known as the Panther Camp Facilitators. Facilitators are selected out of hundreds of applicants to represent the program and are charged with creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for participants. Facilitators are involved in all aspects of the camp planning process, from creating programming session and large-group activities to leading small group conversations.

After Panther Camp Facilitators have completed a year with the program they are eligible to apply for the Panther Camp Executive Board. Panther Camp Exec is composed of 8 past-Facilitators who return to take on more responsibilities within the program. Exec members are responsible for heading up committees and helping the Facilitators to create the Panther Camp Magic.

Both groups are positive representatives of Florida International University and the Panther Camp program. These student leaders build meaningful relationships, serve as mentors and role models, inspire a new class of Golden Panthers and encourage students to "Leave their legacy with P.R.I.D.E."

  • Chris Alfaro

    Chris Alfaro
    Executive Director

  • Kaisy Suarez

    Kaisy Suarez
    Director of Operations

  • Iara Raggio

    Iara Raggio
    Director of Programming

  • Rodoshi Sharife

    Rodoshi Sharife
    Director of Recruitment

  • Shira Avraham

    Shira Avraham
    Director of Recruitment

  • Yazan Almanasir

    Yazan Almanasir
    Director of Activities and Traditions

  • Alexis Murray

    Alexis Murray

  • Andreina Barroso

    Andreina Barroso

  • Chloee Gaillard

    Chloee Gaillard

  • Daija Custodio

    Daija Custodio

  • Dalia Arias Ordosgoitia

    Dalia Arias Ordosgoitia

  • Gabo Aragon

    Gabo Aragon

  • Gaby Rodriguez

    Gaby Rodriguez

  • Kaiya Roberts

    Kaiya Roberts

  • Kyonna James

    Kyonna James

  • Mily Martinez

    Mily Martinez

  • Mitha Matilus

    Mitha Matilus

  • Nico Marquez

    Nico Marquez

  • Oriana Villalobos

    Oriana Villalobos

  • Robert Free

    Robert Free

  • Zach Dillon

    Zach Dillon

Become a Peer Advisor or Panther Camp Facilitator

Pay attention to our social media for updates about when recruitment and selection will open for the next year.

OPEN TO ALL FIU STUDENTS. Presented by the Office of Orientation & Family Programs in the Division of Academic & Student Affairs. Funded by SGA. Qualified individuals with a disability requesting an accommodation to attend this event must make the request no less than five (5) working days in advance by emailing

The selection process to become a Panther Camp Facilitator or Peer Advisor consists of multiple stages:

  • 1. Information Session

    All candidates for both positions are recommended to attend a one-hour information session. Information sessions typically start in November, and further dates, times and locations are will be provided in the interest packets linked below when available.

  • 2. Application

    Applications will open on PantherConnect in November and are typically open for about a month. This application must be completed in full.

  • 3. Selection Workshop

    This is a hands-on group interview portion of our selection process. Candidates will be assigned to specific sessions based on the availability indicated in their applications.

  • 4. Interview

    Finalists will be notified after the posting of Fall grades if they've been selected to move on to the interview stage which will take place between December and January.

  • 5. Announcement

    Teams are announced during the first week of classes in the Spring semester.