Ways to Give

FIU Parents and family members are a big part of the FIU community. We look forward to your involvement and seeing you at the following events. Please note this is not a comprehensive list of all events parents & families are welcome to attend:

  • Invitation to Parent & Family Weekend
  • Football Panther Fan Tailgate
  • Discounted tickets to Athletic events (Ticketed sports include: Football, Basketball, Baseball and/or Soccer)
  • Parent & Family Networkers/Mini-Series (virtual or in person)
  • College/Unit Parent Events
  • Meet the Dean events
  • Discounted admission rate for certain theater performances
  • Complimentary access to Facebook Parent & Family Group
  • Complimentary access to Parent & Family Newsletter
Thank you for your interest and desire to give to FIU. At FIU, we want parents and families to give to funds, scholarships, and programs that they are passionate about. For this reason, we have compiled a menu of giving options for you to find an initiative that matches your interest.