Fully Online Students

A fully online student is defined as someone who is enrolled in a program where all coursework, assignments, interactions, and class lectures happen entirely over the Internet. Students do not physically attend class and complete all coursework using digital resources.

Virtual Orientation is a fun and educational program that is critical to your success as a new online student admitted into a fully online degree-seeking program. You can expect to: 

  • Learn about academic policies and
  • Get familiar with campus buildings/landmarks
  • Hear about resources and involvement

Virtual Orientation is mandatory for all new undergraduate students (readmitted students excluded), so be sure to take the steps below as soon as you can. Please note that there is a $35 charge for Virtual Orientation.

Parents and Family Members – please click HERE to learn more about the free Virtual Parent and Family Orientation experience.

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Congratulations on your acceptance! Complete your Virtual Orientation!


Completing Virtual Orientation and Class Registration

24 hours after you've paid your $200 tuition deposit or have had it waived, log into your my.fiu.edu account, click the Orientation tile. Here you will see more information and be connected to the portal to begin your Virtual Orientation. Upon completion, you will be charged $35. 

Follow these suggestions to successfully complete your Virtual Orientation: 

  • Any pop-up blockers within your Internet browser must be turned off to access the Virtual Orientation.
  • Let all videos play through on their own...if you try to skip ahead, it will not let you continue.
  • You can stop and restart where you left off by going back to the link in your MyFIU account.
  • Stay active within the Virtual Orientation to ensure that you don't time out of the system and lose your progress.
  • If you've followed these suggestions, but are still having technical difficulties, send an email with your name, Panther ID, a detailed description of the problem and any relevant screen shots to orient@fiu.edu for assistance.

New Student Orientation Checklist

Get prepared before starting your classes! Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth transition to FIU!

  • Resolve Holds

    Check your “Tasks” tile in MyFIU for any of the holds. Holds must be resolved before attending orientation.

    • First-Year Students: Your academic advisor will remove the OLF (New Online First-Year Student) registration hold so that you can then register for your classes.
    • Transfer Students: Your academic advisor will remove the OLT (New Online Transfer Student) registration hold so that you can then register for your classes.
    • Fully online students are not required to submit proof of immunizations to the Health Compliance Office. Students have the option of waiving the immunization requirements by providing the Health Compliance Office with a letter from the academic department.
      • If you need assistance with Immunization inquiries, contact Health Compliance via email at immune@fiu.edu.
    • Admissions Hold for undetermined residency
      • If you have an Admissions/Residency hold, additional details about requirements can be found on the OneStop Enrollment Services.
      • Using Web Upload through your MyFIU is the preferred method to submit your initial residency documents. To do so:
        • Follow instructions to Submit Forms Online
        • Choose department: Admissions
        • Choose form name: Residency Docs Florida (Initial)
        • Upload your documents and save
      • For questions or additional assistance with residency, please email admresidency@fiu.edu.
  • Financial Aid

    Financial aid processes are often aligned with specific academic terms. There are distinct timelines for early fall, fall, and spring semesters, each requiring a separate application to ensure timely disbursement of funds. Please see below for more information:

    1. Complete your 23/24 FAFSA (Early Fall/Summer B 2024) and your 24/25 FASFA (Fall 2024, Spring 2025) at FAFSA.gov and include FIU School Code 009635.
    2. Visit my.fiu.edu and check your Tasks tile for any pending Financial Aid items.
    3. If you were selected for verification, click on the Federal Verification Link; all verification documents must be submitted via ProVerify.
    4. Your financial aid will not be processed until verification is completed.
    5. For questions or additional assistance with Financial Aid, contact 305-348-7272. 
  • Mandatory – Submit Official Records/Transcripts

    Submit ALL final official transcripts from any college or university you’ve attended along with advanced placement (AP), CLEP, IB, or any other exam score. Visit Submit Transcripts for detailed instructions on how to submit all types of transcripts, foreign credits, etc. We encourage you to review your Transfer Credit Report through my.fiu.edu to confirm all your previous schools, AA degree (if applicable), and exam scores are listed. Please direct all questions to transfer@fiu.edu.

  • Mandatory – Upload photo for FIU One Card

    As part of your enrollment in a Fully Online or Satellite program at FIU, you can receive an FIU One Card using the online application process by following the steps provided on the FIU One Card Office. For questions or additional assistance ordering your FIU One Card, email onecard@fiu.edu.

  • Mandatory - Sign up for your Advising and Registration Day!

    Academic advising and class registration information can be found in your myFIU account under the Orientation dashboardShould you have any questions about academic advising and class registration, email fiuadvising@fiu.edu 

  • Access your FIU student email account
    • All fully admitted students at FIU have access to their own personal FIU email account through Microsoft 365.
    • To log in to your email, visit mail.fiu.edu and type in your FIU username (the first part of your FIU email account, ex. rpant065) and password, which is the same as your MyFIU password. If you cannot access your FIU student email or are having issues logging in, contact our Division of IT at (305) 348-2284.
  • International Students (on J1/F1 Visas)

    FIU Online undergraduate programs do not require J1/F1 visas. If you have any holds relating to a student visa, email isss@fiu.edu. If you need assistance with an Insurance Hold, contact Health Compliance via email at insure@fiu.edu.

  • Complete Orientation Payment

    Upon completion of your virtual orientation, you will be charged a $35 fee that will reflect in your MyFIU account. Additional details about payment options can be found on the OneStop Enrollment Services.

  • Schedule an appointment with your FIU Online Success Coach

    Connecting to your dedicated Success Coach is one of the most important things you can do during your time at FIU AFTER enrolling in courses. You and your coach will get the opportunity to:

    • Collaborate
    • Figure Out What You Are Looking For
    • Talk About Strategies for Success
    • Share Experiences
    • Get to Know Each Other

    Fully online undergraduate students can request an appointment and a success coach will follow up with you.

  • Optional In-Person Experience - Sign Up for Panther Camp!

    Panther Camp provides incoming FIU students with the opportunity to transition to FIU in an exciting and engaging way! Meet new students, create lasting memories, and get ready to embark on a new journey at FIU. Sign up today!

First Semester Checklist

Complete your First Semester Checklist in order to have a successful first semester at FIU!

  • Complete a Canvas Training

    Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) which hosts the very courses you will take at the university and gives you access to course materials and tools to communicate and collaborate with classmates, instructors and/or Teaching Assistants (TA's). Complete a Canvas training to help you get started!

  • Complete the Hazing Prevention Training

    All students in the State University System of Florida are asked to complete the “Hazing Prevention 101” training. For FIU students, this course should be completed within their first year of enrollment at FIU. All new students will be automatically enrolled in the course after the add/drop date of their first semester, and the reminder will be added to your To-Do List.

    Once enrolled, you will go to https://develop.fiu.edu and log into your student dashboard to complete the course. [Please note that student-athletes and members of Fraternity & Sorority Life organizations are required to also complete a supplementary course within their first semester of membership.]

    To report hazing during your time at FIU, please visit report.fiu.edu.

  • Complete the Sexual Assault Prevention Training

    All FIU students are REQUIRED to complete this course within their first semester of enrollment. All new students will be automatically enrolled in the course after the add/drop date of their first semester, and the reminder will be added to your To-Do List. Once enrolled, you will go to https://develop.fiu.edu and log into your student dashboard to complete the course. 

    Non-completion of the course will result in a registration hold.