Activities for Teaching

Response Cards

  • Give each student an index card. Ask them to briefly write down their questions, thoughts, comments, etc. and have them turn in their cards for discussion.

 Group Discussions

  • Have students pair up or get in small groups to talk about the book, the current topics review in class, and how it relates to their current experiences as a student at FIU.

 Word Clouds

  • Have students submit key words describing their thoughts on the book and talk about the most reoccurring words. (students can use Poll Everywhere or Mentimeter for this activity)

 Teach the Class

  • Pick a theme(s) relating to the common reading book and have students teach their peers about themes in the book.

 Journal Writing

  • At the beginning of every new chapter, have students jot down a few lines of their experiences at FIU and how they might relate to the story.