The Book

"Made In China"Made In China Book Cover

When Anna Qu was fifteen years old, she made the decision to report her parents to the Office of Family and Children Services after experiencing years of neglect and abuse from her parents. This was after she was being forced to work exorbitant hours in her parents’ factory and being sent to China for standing up for herself.

Despite the challenges she faced in her upbringing she was able to support herself through college for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Once she completed her degree, she worked at a start-up and later became an adjunct professor at Monmouth University. Her works have been featured in various literary magazines such as Poets & Writers, Three Penny Review and Ploughshares and she was most recently awarded the 2023 Black Mountain Institute Shearing Fellowship.


Book Selection

The Common Reading Committee has faculty, staff and student representation. After a number of books were recommended, several books were carefully reviewed and discussed. Before making a final determination, the committee members considered a variety of factors including interest, cost, readability, length and applicability to our student population. All university community members are encouraged to make a suggestion for next year’s program.

Usage in Class

The First Year Experience Seminar course has incorporated the common reading book into its curriculum. Students will be tested on material from the common reading book, and they will also write a paper related to the book and their own transition to college. Professors of other courses may choose to incorporate the book into their curriculum and/or classroom discussions.