The Virtual WRC

Remain strong. The Wellness and Recreation Centers (WRC) are here for you, any time, any place! Whether it's live weekly classes, on-demand fitness options or professional development, the WRC has something for you to stay active and involved - no matter where you are.

PantherFIT TV

Don't miss a step with FIU PantherFIT TV. These on-demand videos are produced weekly and can range from short fitness tutorials to longer format full workouts. Watch every episode below.

Virtual personal training

The WRC is now offering virtual personal training services. Your personal trainer will coach you from the comfort of your home. Workouts are personalized to fit your fitness goals, no matter where you are and what you have at home. You do not have to be a WRC member in order to take part in virtual personal training. Payments must be made via FIU One Card. All participants must fill out this request form.

2 Sessions


4 Sessions


8 Sessions


10 Sessions


12 Sessions


16 Sessions


32 Sessions


To get started with virtual personal training, please complete the personal training request form at the link below and we'll follow up with you within 48 hours.

Virtual Athletic Training


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