Courts & Fields

In addition to recreation facilities like the tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, the pool, basketball courts, and the Recreation Field, there are a number of other areas to consider.

Recreation Field

The Recreation Field is an artificial turf playing area and is the site for all outdoor Intramural Sports and Sport Club practices/home games. The field is the size of an official NCAA soccer field and accommodates 2 IM flag football fields or 2 IM soccer fields.

  • Use policies
    • Proper shoes are required at all times. No metal cleats, or rubber cleats longer than 3/4″.
    • FIU Panther ID required for Open Recreation use (see posted hours).
    • Guest passes available at the WRC for $5.
    • The WRC reserves the right to require identification at any time.
    • FIU Wellness & Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    • In case of inclement weather all activity will stop and the field will be cleared for safety purposes.
    • Trespassers are subject to arrest.
    • Prohibited items/activities:
      • Tobacco
      • Alcohol
      • Food & open beverage containers (other than water/sports drinks), glass containers, sunflower seeds, chewing gum
      • Staking tents/canopies, sharp objects, high/spike heel shoes
      • Pets
      • Open flames
      • Golf
      • Shot put, discus, javelin
      • Fireworks
      • Chairs with pointed legs
      • Unauthorized motor vehicles
      • Bikes, skateboards, rollerblades
      • Moving goals without permission
    • Participation is voluntary; exercise at your own risk.
      • In case of emergency, contact FIU Public Safety at 305-348-5911

    Violations of these policies will result in the loss of access privileges. All recreation participants are required to adhere to the Rules of Conduct as outlined in the University’s Student and Employee Handbooks.

Racquetball courts

The Wellness & Recreation Centers have two racquetball courts available for recreational usage.

  • How to reserve a court

    Reservations may be made by calling the Wellness & Recreation Centers Membership desk at 305-348-2951.

    1. For court reservations, call during our hours of operation the DAY OF the requested date.
    2. Only qualifying FIU Student/WRC Members may make reservations.
    3. Reservations can only be made for one hour per day. No back-to-back reservations.
    4. Guests may not make reservations.
    5. The following information must be provided to the Front Desk when a reservation is placed:
      • FIU Student/WRC Member who is reserving the space
      • Phone number of the individual renting the space
      • Panther ID number of individual renting the space
      • If a Panther ID number comes up DENIED, the request will not be completed.
  • Court check-in

    When showing up for a reservation, remember: Plan to check-in at least 15 minutes prior to reservation time. Patrons have a 10-minute grace period to check-in.

    1. All participants must present a proper ID at the Front Desk. If guests are playing, photo ID cards and receipts must be presented.
    2. For times not reserved prior to the court's opening, players may show up on a walk-up basis.
    3. Payments must be made at the Wellness & Recreation Center prior to playing approval.
    4. After the 10-minute grace period to check-in, the court becomes "first come, first serve" (with ID verification and payment if necessary).
  • Policies
    1. All players must wear proper athletic shoes and attire. Jeans and non-athletic shoes are not permitted.
    2. No one may play without a valid ID. The use of someone else's ID will result in suspension from Wellness & Recreation Center activities along with loss of reservation privileges.
    3. No more than 4 players may play on the court.
    4. No food or drinks are permitted inside the racquetball courts.
    5. Only racquetball (or squash in the designated court) may be played on the courts - no, wallyball, tennis, soccer, etc. Racquetball racquets may be checked out at the Wellness & Recreation Center Pro Shop. A Panther ID number is required. Racquetballs are available for sale at the Pro Shop. If the Patron wishes to play squash they must request with the front desk attendant ahead of time for it to be set up.
    6. USE OF THE RACQUETBALL COURTS IS A PRIVILEGE. Wellness & Recreation Center staff have the authority to deny the use or disallow further participation due to violation of usage policies or any other behavior deemed unacceptable (banging racquets on walls or floors, inappropriate language, etc.).
    7. To reserve a court for a special event please visit Reserve a Space.

Residence Hall Quad

Created by surrounding Everglades Hall, UP Towers, Lakeview, and Panther Halls, the Res Hall Quad always has something going on.

Whether its a pick-up soccer match, a game of sand volleyball, tossing the frisbee or relaxing at the pool, the Quad can be THE place on a lazy afternoon.

Outdoor basketball courts

You can find outdoor hoops at 4 MMC campus locations: next to the Tennis Center (across from FIU Arena), near Parkview Garage, at the University Apartments, and on Fraternity Row.