Forms, Applications, and Requests


This is not the place to request the transcript copies themselves. Transcript requests for currently enrolled students are made through; for alumni and former students, requests are made through the OneStop website at

Transcript Holds

If you are requesting a transcript and have been informed that you have an SCAI hold, please complete the Transcript Request Form to request a temporary lift of the hold.

Dean certifications and behavioral standing letters

Students and alumni who are applying to other academic institutions or for employment which requires a disclosure of prior conduct information are required to complete a Dean Certification or Letter of Behavioral Standing. Because conduct records are considered educational records protected by FERPA, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI) does not share information regarding conduct records with anyone outside of FIU without a written consent. Thus, a release authorization from the student is mandatory. SCAI does not release prior conduct information over the phone as we are unable to verify the identity of the caller.

Please note that SCAI will process a completed request within 5-10 business days of receipt. For questions, contact the office at 305-348-3939. 

Requesting a Letter of Behavioral Standing

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity will provide a general notice to verify good standing or informing the recipient of the general facts of any incident(s), violation(s), and sanction(s) as applicable. To request a letter, the Disciplinary Records Request Form must be completed with the "I request that FIU SCAI write a letter detailing my disciplinary history at FIU" option selected.

Requesting a Dean Certification (electronic)

If your Transfer Report/Dean Certification form can be submitted to the institution(s) via fax or email, please upload the completed form via the Disciplinary Records Request Form with the "I request that FIU SCAI release any information necessary to appropriately complete the attached Dean's Certification Form." option selected.

Requesting a Dean Certification (hard copy)

If the institution(s) require a hard copy of your completed form to be mailed via US Postal Service (snail mail):

Instructions for requests for hard copy certificates/forms:

If you are requesting that a hard copy of a Dean Report, College Report or College Transfer Report be mailed (via United States Postal Service) to any institution of your choice, please read and follow instructions below. If the institution you are sending these materials to will accept them via email or fax, you are encouraged to submit your request online.

For hard copy deliveries, you may ONLY walk-in or mail your request.

  1. Make sure your form is signed and dated.
  2. a) Hand-deliver the signed form(s) to Student Conduct and Academic Integrity located in the Graham Center 311, Modesto Maidique Campus, with a stamped blank envelope for each form. OR b) Mail the signed form(s) and a stamped blank envelope for each form to: FIU Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, 11200 sw 8th St, GC 311, Miami, FL 33199.
  3. Provide SCAI staff with the following contact information: your name, PID number, email address, and phone number.
  4. Provide SCAI staff with the name and address of the institution for each form.

You will receive an email confirmation when your request has been processed. If you prefer that we send out the completed form via FedEx or UPS, you must provide the prepaid delivery materials.

FERPA Waiver

The Family Educational Right to Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), gives ownership and control of all educational records, which include student conduct records, to students.

In accordance with FERPA, it is the philosophy of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity that our FIU students are considered responsible adults who are allowed to determine who receives information about their conduct case and/or record. With this in mind, a parent, family member, or attorney does not automatically receive access to a student’s conduct case contents. Our staff will do our best to answer general questions regarding process, but will not release any specific information about the student or the case.

If a student wishes to provide access to their conduct case/records to someone, it is necessary to fill out a FERPA release form and submit it to our office. It can be completed using the link below. Upon receipt of the FERPA waiver, our staff will be happy to answer more specific and detailed questions from anyone listed on the waiver.

Request a presentation

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI) can come to a class or meeting to do a presentation on conduct-related topics such as a SCAI Overview, Ethics, or Conflict Resolution. To request a presentation, please email us at 


Student Conduct Overview

This presentation is meant to be a general overview of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity and the services provided by our office. Students will learn about the Student Code of Standards, common violations of the Code, how to file a report, and the conduct process. (30-minute and 50-minute versions available)


This presentation is meant to engage students on ethics and how to engage in ethical decision-making. The presentation will cover the definition of ethics, values, community standards, explore ethical principles, and discuss ethical dilemmas. Students will learn tips on incorporating their values into their decision-making and engage in conversation on ethical dilemma scenarios. (50 minutes)

Conflict Resolution

This presentation is meant to give students basic knowledge on how to deal with conflict. Students will learn how to understand conflict, explore differing points of view, learn new ways to approach conflict, and how to access appropriate resources. (50 minutes)

Other topics include

Academic Integrity, Civility, Student Rights, and Working with Disruptive Students; other presentations can be created upon request.