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Student Conduct Committee

It is important that there is a diversity of student perspectives represented in the student conduct process and through the work of the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. There are many ways to serve the FIU community—in paid, unpaid, and credited opportunities—and to develop your skills for the future available through SCAI.

The Student Conduct Committee (SCC) is a hearing body comprised of faculty, staff, and students who adjudicate potential violations of the FIU Student Conduct and Honor Code. This hearing body is one of the formal resolution options available to students and provides an opportunity to be heard by fellow community members.

Student members can be undergraduate, graduate, or professional students, and having a prior interaction as a Respondent would not disqualify you from service.

  • Why should I join the SCC?

    Being a member of the SCC allows a student to contribute to the FIU community while gaining skills and experiences that will translate to many careers and fields. Members of the SCC have the opportunity to develop their leadership and critical thinking skills while engaging in thoughtful consideration of different viewpoints. Through the committee, students also have the chance to form relationships and connections with a variety of faculty and staff members.

    Students also have the opportunity to earn Global Learning Medallion points through participation on the Student Conduct Committee. Not already a Global Learning Medallion student? Sign up to earn the Medallion today.

  • What is the time commitment required of me as a SCC member, and what would be expected of me as a SCC member?

    The time commitment required of a student SCC member includes an annual training and serving on at least 3 student conduct committee hearings during the fall and spring semester.

    Expectations of SCC members include:

    • Upholding the FIU Student Conduct and Honor Code and other FIU rules and regulations;
    • Placing a high priority on role as a SCC Member, including responding to SCAI communications, preparing for hearings, and attending hearings that you signed-up for;
    • Listening with an open-mind and following the adjudication process;
    • Being able to make decisions that promote education, accountability; and community well-being;
    • Adhering to privacy laws related to the position; and,
    • Attend in-services, trainings, and assigned hearings throughout the year.
  • How do I apply?

    If you are taking a minimum of 6 credit hours for undergraduates or 5 credit hours for graduate students, are in good academic standing and either good or restricted conduct standing with FIU, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for undergraduates and 3.0 for graduates, you are encouraged to apply for the SCC at: Student Conduct Committee Application

    Applications are considered on a rolling basis, and once an application is submitted, you will be contacted by a representative for a 30 minute interview.

    Following the interview process, a conduct check will occur. A history of disciplinary or academic violations should not deter interested applicants from applying because you may bring a different perspective to the SCC. Once selected, SCC members will participate in the next mandatory training offered by SCAI, and then you will be qualified for service as a SCC member.

Practicums and internships

If you are a looking for a practicum or internship experience and would like to learn a bit more about the opportunities available in this office, please contact SCAI at to schedule a time to speak. Please provide a list of 5 30-minutes time slots in which you would be available for a Zoom meeting.

Focus groups

SCAI holds focus groups to solicit feedback about Code revisions, sanctioning ideas, and educational campaigns. If you are looking to share your perspective, please contact SCAI at with your name and any topics that you are particularly interested in providing feedback for.