Procedural Advisors

The role of the Procedural Advisor is to assist the Respondent in understanding the policies and procedures of the student conduct process.  The Procedural Advisor may not represent or speak on your behalf at the hearing, nor may they instruct you as to what to say or not say. The impartial procedural advisors are procedural advisors only. If you wish to have an advisor that may advise beyond this as, or to speak on your behalf, you may bring your own advisor into the hearing process. This person could be anyone - a parent, an attorney, a friend, faculty/staff member, etc.

Section 1.ii. and Section 10 of the Student Conduct and Honor Code provides further information on Procedural Advisors and their role during the student conduct process.

Additionally, a list of free advisors provided by FIU can be found on this page if you are a student or student organization looking for guidance.

List of impartial Procedural Advisors

The following list of FIU faculty and staff members that are available, free of charge, as their schedules permit, to serve as impartial Procedural Advisors for Respondents who are charged with violations of the Code.