Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning will be assessed using direct and indirect measures at both the formative and summative levels. The project plan specifies the assessment plan timeline, student learning outcomes, and responsible personnel.

Artificial Intelligence: How it works and it's impact

Students completing this micro-credential will:

  1. Define core concepts related to and concerns of AI.
  2. Describe the overall arc of the history of AI and identify major milestones.
  3. Describe, at a high level, several core techniques by which AI systems work.
  4. Describe the impact that AI is having and will have on the world.

Thinking and Communicating with Data

Students completing this micro-credential will:

  1. Understand role of data and data repositories in society.
  2. Understand simple visualizations and summarizations of data repositories.
  3. Interpret and analyze data trends and patterns.
  4. Create presentations and narratives using data and visualizations.
  5. Discuss the ethics, privacy, and security issues concerning data.
  6. Communicate ideas and evidence with data.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Students completing this micro-credential will:

  1. Identify and describe emotions, discuss the fight or flight response, and describe strategies for combating it.
  2. Discuss the four attributes of empathy, identify responses that help create empathy, and demonstrate empathetic strategies in conversation.
  3. Identify negative belief and self-talk, apply the ABC strategy to challenge irrational beliefs, and describe strategies for mindful use of technology.
  4. Apply win-win problem solving to a real-life problem; describe strategies for effective teamwork; discuss strategies for influencing and managing change.
  5. Develop an Emotional Intelligence Self-Improvement Plan that identifies their strengths and weaknesses, and describe how the EI skills apply to their major and career interest.


Office of Academic Planning and Accountability
11200 SW 8th Street, PC 112
Miami, FL 33199

Michael Creeden
Faculty QEP Director, Co-Chair for Emotional Intelligence 

McLudmer Charite
QEP Manager