About QEP

This QEP—and the FIU Next Horizon 2025 strategic plan from which it emerged—seek to respond to the rapid changes occurring in higher education and in the workplace. The Critical Skills for the 21st Century initiative supports FIU’s strategic priority to amplify learner success, specifically the goal of aligning curriculum with career needs to ensure employment readiness, post-graduation success, and workforce and industry advancement.

Identifying the topic

  1. Strategic Plan Kickoff: Sept. 2018
  2. Discussions with Constituents: Oct. - Nov. 2018
  3. Workgroup Meetings: Oct. - Dec. 2018
  4. Workgroups Submit Recommendations - Dec. 2018
  5. Discussions with Stakeholder Groups: Jan. - April 2019
  6. Steering Committee identifies four potential QEP topics: April 2019
  7. Leadership Team selects QEP topic.

Selected topic–Artificial Intelligence, Data and Emotional Intelligence: Critical Skills for the 21st Century.

Soliciting feedback from the university community and other stakeholders, the strategic planning process included dialogue concerning the role of higher education in the rapidly changing, 21st century world of work and FIU’s unique ability to provide learners with opportunities for preeminent intellectual engagement, upward social mobility, and improved lives. Numerous faculty and staff members, students, and alumni served on various workgroups charged with making recommendations related to student success.

Using the recommendations from the workgroups, the FIU community engaged in discussions to build broad-based support for the framework of the FIU Next Horizon 2025 strategic plan and potential QEP topics.​ During this process, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee identified 4 potential QEP topics that were submitted to the FIU SACSCOC Leadership Team for consideration​. The FIU SACSCOC Leadership Team identified Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Emotional Intelligence: Critical skills for the 21st century as the QEP Topic.

Developing the QEP

The QEP was developed through an iterative process whereby subject-matter experts in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), data science, emotional intelligence (EI), pedagogy, and assessment identified the foundational AI, data science, and EI competencies required for success in the 21st-century workforce; defined expected student learning outcomes; addressed feasibility and faculty buy-in considerations; and developed methodologies for delivering content, collecting data, and assessing the plan’s impact on student achievement.

FIU appointed three faculty co-chairs to lead the development of the educational content and serve as chair of each respective subject-matter workgroup: Mark Finlayson, PhD, Co-Chair for Artificial Intelligence; Giri Narasimhan, PhD, Co-Chair for Data; and Michael Creeden, MFA, Co-Chair for Emotional Intelligence.

Subject-matter workgroup members

Under the leadership of the three faculty QEP co-chairs, each subject-matter workgroup utilized backward-design processes to identify the desired student learning outcomes, to determine acceptable levels of evidence demonstrating learner understanding, and to design learning experiences and instruction that ensure student achievement of desired learning results. Each micro-credential contains a total of 16 to 20 hours of educational content, including instructional videos, assigned readings of contemporary literature, and interactive learning activities (e.g., reflection, role play, presentations, teamwork).

Student Learning Outcomes

Implementing the QEP

The project plan and timeline provide a roadmap for the implementation, maintenance, and completion of the QEP. This is an iterative process that involves data-driven adjustments to maximize the plan’s impact on student learning. The complete annotated and detailed project plan and timeline includes program outcomes, action items, responsible personnel, QEP performance measures, student learning outcomes, and deliverables.

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Michael Creeden
Faculty QEP Director, Co-Chair for Emotional Intelligence

McLudmer Charite
QEP Manager