Quality Enhancement Plan

Critical skills for the 21st century

Developed for reaffirmation of accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

FIU’s 2021 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Critical Skills for the 21st Century, aims to enhance students’ preparation for the 21stcentury workforce by certifying students’ attainment of knowledge, skills, abilities, and values related to artificial intelligence, data, and emotional intelligence. The QEP seeks to close the gap between students’ career readiness and employers’ expectations in these areas.

This QEP—and the FIU Next Horizon 2025 strategic plan from which it emerged—seeks to respond to the rapid changes occurring in higher education and in the workplace. The Critical Skills for the 21st Century initiative supports FIU’s strategic priority to amplify learner success, specifically the goal of aligning curriculum with career needs to ensure employment readiness, post-graduation success, and workforce and industry advancement.

To achieve this goal, the QEP establishes three micro-credentials that focus on critical skills needed for the 21st century workforce:

Artifical Intelligence: How it works and its impact

Artificial Intelligence: How It Works and Its Impact. Upon completion of this micro-credential, students will comprehend and appreciate the nature of artificial intelligence (AI), its history, how it works, and its impact. Students will describe basic concepts related to AI, several core techniques, and how AI is likely to advance in the future

Thinking and communicating with data

. Upon completion of this micro-credential, students will interpret data trends and communicate ideas and analyses supported by the evidence. Students will learn to summarize, visualize, and interpret data analytics, and will learn to prepare presentations and narratives with analytics while being sensitive to societal issues related to data privacy, security, and ethics.

Understanding emotional intelligence

Understanding Emotional Intelligence. Upon completion of this micro-credential, students will understand emotional intelligence concepts related to personal and social awareness, self-management, and relationship management. Students will learn strategies to recognize and manage emotions, identify negative beliefs and self-talk, listen empathetically, and better manage relationships.

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Michael Creeden
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