A&S Fee Budget Request Information

The SGA (A&S Fee) Budget Request for FY 2024-2025 is due November 30, 2023.  All budget request forms must be uploaded to "A&S Fee - SGA Budget Requesters" TEAMS and will NOT be accepted after the deadline.  Please contact Silvana Rogelis or Michelle Castro to be added to the group.

FY 24-25 SGA Budget Request Form

For additional information contact Silvana Rogelis at 305-348-2720 or the A&S Business Office at 305-348-3077.

SGA Budget Allocations

Steps for SGA Budget Request

  1. The A&S Business Office will send notifications to all current A&S fee recipients and will post information for the new fiscal year SGA budget request training, deadlines and forms online. All requestors are responsible for completing the form on time and presenting the budget request during scheduled budget hearings.
  2. SGA meets, deliberates, and amends the requests based on goals and objectives and the availability of funds.
  3. This budget is then voted on by SGA leadership and presented to the SGA Senate.
  4. The SGA President and Comptroller sign the recommended allocation and submit it to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (FIU President's designee).
  5. The Vice President for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) has "15 school days from the date of presentation of the budget to act on the allocation and expenditure recommendations, which shall be deemed approved if no action is taken within the 15 school days. If any line item or portion thereof within the budget is vetoed, SGA legislative body shall within 15 school days make new budget recommendations for expenditure of the vetoed portion of the fund. Suppose the [VP DASA] vetoes any line item or portion thereof within the new budget revisions. In that case, the VP for DASA may reallocate by line item that vetoed portion to bond obligations guaranteed by Activity and Service fees." (Florida Statutes 1009.24 (10)(b).
  6. Once the VP for DASA approves the final budget, the A&S Business Office will notify all recipients of their approved allocation.
  7. All budgets will be loaded into Panthersoft for the start of the new fiscal year and funds will be ready for use on July 1.