About Us

Welcome Panthers,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Student Health Clinics. For over thirty years, assisting students to maintain and improve their health to pursue their education and reach their goal of graduation has been our specialty. Our mission is to empower students to be advocates for their own medical and holistic wellness and to provide state-of-the-art medical care to all eligible individuals. We provide wrap-around services and comprehensive treatment programs by certified medical professionals to meet most of the health needs of our students. We look forward to serving you and hope you will choose us as your medical home. Together, as partners, we will work to help you achieve high-level wellness while completing your degree.

We encourage you to explore our website and follow us on social media to stay updated on upcoming programs, events, and health-related information. We strive to help students become healthy and successful panthers for life.


Student Health Clinics Staff

Privacy practices for FIU students

Student education records maintained at the Student Health Clinics are confidential and protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) codified in 20 U.S. C. §1232g and sections 1002.225 and 1006.52, Florida Statutes.

Student Privacy & FERPA

Approach to student wellbeing

FIU Student Health & Wellness aims to support the overall well-being of students. Healthy Panthers is a multi-faceted approach (i.e., services, programs, trainings, and campaigns) that will educate, engage, and empower the university community to sustain lifelong health and wellness.

Recognizing each student is an individual with different needs, SHW programs and services emphasize the 9 dimensions of wellness, educating students about building their personal toolbox of skills they can use to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, occupational, environmental, financial, spiritual, cultural

Our philosophy

FIU Student Health Clinics believe good patient care requires teamwork between the providers and patients. Each member of our team plays an essential role in making health decisions and improving the overall quality of life.

Our roles in working together

  • As providers of your primary and preventive care, we:
    • Ask you relevant questions about your health history, your family, your life, health goals, and your preferences. We utilize this information to assist in discussing individualized treatment options
    • Assist with short-term illnesses, long-term chronic diseases, and your all-around well-being
    • Ensure you are updated on all your vaccines and preventive screening tests
    • Connect you with other resources (specialists, health educators, etc.) and coordinate your care with them as your health needs change
    • Promptly notify you of test results
    • Understand the need to communicate health information in a clear manner that will allow you to better understand your condition(s) and all your healthcare options
    • Listen to your questions, respect your concerns, and respond in a helpful manner
    • Assist you decision-making processes
    • Give you information about classes, support groups, or other services that can help you learn more about your condition and stay healthy
  • As our patient, we trust you to:
    • Assist us by coming to each visit with any updates on medications, dietary supplements, or remedies you are using, and any questions you may have
    • Let us know when you utilize the services of other health care providers so we can understand the full scope of your care
    • Keep scheduled appointments, call to reschedule, or cancel appointments that you expect to miss as early as possible
    • Learn about your condition(s) and what you can do to stay as healthy as possible
    • Ask questions about your care and tell us when you don’t understand something
    • Follow any plans we discuss with you to support your health
    • Take medications as prescribed
    • Call if you do not receive your test results within two weeks
    • Contact us after hours if you have any health concerns that cannot wait until the next workday
    • Agree that all health care providers in your care team will receive all relevant information related to your health care
    • Learn about your health insurance coverage and contact the carrier if you have any questions
    • Understand the purpose of the FIU Student Health Fee and funded services
    • Pay your share of any nominal fees
    • Give us feedback so that we can improve the quality of care we provide