Post Graduation Course

SDS 4340 Career Development is not your typical course. This course is designed to help recent grads prepare for a successful career. It's fully-online, lasts 5 weeks, and best of all, it's free. Just enroll the semester after you graduate.

Why Take SDS 4340?

Whether you have a plan for after graduation or if you’re still looking for guidance, this is the course for you. SDS 4340 can help you:

  • Refine your career goals

  • Prepare for a career or graduate school

  • Get advice from career coaches

  • Network with employers

  • Learn practical skills in digital technology and innovation

How Does It Work?

The course is free for all FIU graduates. This 1-credit course is fully-online and only takes 5 weeks to complete. It’s self-paced and you can choose whichever module(s) you think will help you with your next steps after graduation. To learn more, email