Success Courses

Success Courses are high-impact classes that teach FIU students life skills for navigating college and beyond. Not all courses are mandatory, but they are highly encouraged for all students. They are a place for self-exploration, for getting to know your peers and to have fun! Courses include:

  • First Year Experience – SLS 1501
  • Strategies for Success - SLS 1510
  • Discover Your Major – SLS 1402
  • Major And Career Exploration – SLS 3407
  • Post Graduation – SDS 4340

Faculty and staff are invited to teach success courses SLS 1501, 1510, 1402, and 3407.  You may apply to teach by emailing

For more information regarding our Success Courses, other FIU classes, and your time at FIU, please refer to the FIU Course Catalog and the Student Conduct and Honor Code book.