Discover Your Major Course

SLS 1402 is designed for students who have completed SLS 1501 as well as those students who have completed at least one semester at FIU. Through the process of self-exploration, students learn how to match their interests and skills to an appropriate major/career. In addition, students will learn how to be more intentional when designing their personal and professional pathways. Finally, students will learn how to identify challenges that may act as barriers to their success, and how to overcome those obstacles with a purposeful plan of action.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course students will:

  • Identify and evaluate personal interests, skills, and values while becoming acquainted with concepts of career planning

  • Understand how interests, skills, and motivation link to career choice

  • Identify issues and barriers blocking a successful path forward and how to remove them

  • Create several career pathways for themselves

  • Identify appropriate major choices

  • Select an appropriate major

  • Know how to conduct research on career choices

  • Understand how to interpret MyMajorMatch

  • Use information gathered to develop an academic plan of action