Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Student-Athletes

What are the admission standards for FIU?

You can find the admission standards for Florida International University on the Admissions website.

What are the walk-on academic requirements for each team?

If you are interested in walking on, you must be an incoming freshman or have a cumulative GPA of 2.6 and in full time enrollment (registered for at least 12 credits). Please email the coach to let them know you are interested and refer to the team website for tryout dates.

Parents: What programming is in place to help students transition to college?

To help student-athletes adjust to college life there are several programming initiatives put in place. The LEAP program is for all incoming freshman and transfer students-athletes to get acclimated to college as well as meet other student-athletes at FIU. New FIU student-athletes are also required to attend Life Skill events held by Student-Athlete Development and Community Relations programming. These two initiatives are in addition to the weekly academic meeting student-athletes have with their Academic Coordinator.

Current student-athletes

  • What does directed study program mean and why do we use it?

    FIU practices a directed study program which includes one-on-one academic meetings with the student-athletes and their Academic Coordinator to go over the assignments that are due for the week and what objectives need to get done and mapping out when they plan on doing them. The idea behind this is to encourage student-athletes to become more independent learners and use their time efficiency and effectively.

  • Where can I print in color?

    You can print in color in the computer lab at the SAAC or by emailing your document to and by picking it up at the front desk.

  • Social Media opportunities (Twitter, Instagram)

    FIU SAAC is on Twitter and Instagram! Start following us today!

    Twitter: @FIU_SAAC

    Instagram: FIUSAAC

  • How can I access my tutoring schedule?

    You will be notified via email when you have a tutor appointment scheduled. If you would like to see a weekly or monthly view of your scheduled tutoring sessions, please log into Grades First at ( and click on the calendar tap at the top.

  • Where can I get my travel letter and what should do with it?

    Please see your SAAC Academic Coordinator to obtain your travel letter. You will then need to give a copy to each one of your professors within the first week of classes and explain to them which classes you will miss due to travel competition.

  • If I am on a full or partial scholarship, where does my check go?

    After you have admission into the university, you can set up direct deposit through MyFIU portal for direct deposit. Otherwise, it will be mailed to address that is on record.

  • How do I get reimbursed for something I bought for school and I am on books/full scholarship?

    If the item is listed on the syllabus as something you need for the course, it will be covered if you are on books scholarship. If the SAAC does not currently have the item, you can order the item with the Office Manager as long as it is written on your syllabus. You will need a copy of your syllabus. If you purchase it on your own and need to be reimbursed, you can fill out the reimbursement form with the front desk. Be sure you bring the receipt.

  • How do I schedule a tutoring appointment?

    Tutoring appointments, both standing and one time appointments, can be scheduled in a few different ways. The student-athlete can request a tutor themselves by logging into GradesFirst ( and select “Request Tutor Appt” and fill out when they are available. They will receive an email when their appointment has been made. They can also schedule an appointment by seeing the Tutor Coordinator or the Student Assistant at the front of the building in the beginning and throughout the semester. Tutoring appointments should be made 24 hours in advance if possible.

  • Why can’t I add drop or swap classes?

    Athletic holds are placed on your account to ensure you remain above full time and consult your Academic Coordinator before making changes to your schedules. Mistakes in schedules could potentially affect your eligibility so these hold are there for your own safety.

  • How many credits do I need to have at all times?

    All student-athletes need to be full time in order to compete so that means above 12 credits per semester. The only exception to this rule is if you are in your graduating term, you can be below full time if you don’t need all 12 credits in order to graduate.

  • If I need a calculator, recorder, clicker, etc. can I borrow one?

    If you are on books scholarship and you need one of those items for class, you are able to check them one out for the term. You can rent and return at the front desk.

  • How do I know if I am going to be eligible to play my sport?

    Athletic compliance, Student Athlete Academic Center, Faculty Academic Representative, and Registrar work together after every term to verify every student-athlete is eligible to compete in their sport. Student-athletes are required by the NCAA to hit certain benchmarks. Academic Coordinators work with the student-athletes to educate them on what these are and how to remain eligible.

    Division I Progress-Toward-Degree Requirements


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