Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports (IM) at FIU offers all currently enrolled FIU students and faculty/staff the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports leagues, tournaments and events every semester. Participating is a great way to get involved at FIU and make new friends.

Recreation Field

IM Registration

IM Sports Pass


Currently Enrolled Students IM Sports Pass: Free

Students not currently enrolled please contact for inquiries.

Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff IM Sports Pass (Fall and Spring):

  • Sport Pass - $20
  • Semester Pass - $30
  • Annual Pass - $50

Faculty and staff IM Sports Pass (Summer):

  • $10 per summer session (A or B) per faculty/staff

Sign up to play

Sign up at under Intramural Sports or on the FIU WRC Go app (download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

For specific questions about registering for IM Sports please contact:


Sport clubs

Sport clubs are organizations created and run by students who seek instruction, recreation, competition and socialization in sports activities at levels typically not provided through recreation, physical education classes or intercollegiate athletics. Open to novices as well as the experienced participant, these clubs have been developed over the years through student interest and leadership. Members' success has been demonstrated through such accomplishments as local, state, regional and national championships.

To join a Sport Club, contact the club listed in the Sport Club Directory or contact the Competitive Sports Coordinator. For meeting and practice locations/times, visit the club's web page or look for flyers posted on campus.

Sport club directory

Find a list of all sports clubs in Panther Connect.


In the State of Florida, hazing is a criminal offense. Hazing is when any group (IM team, sport club, greek organization, etc.), or individual action or activity, that inflicts or intends to inflict physical or mental harm or discomfort or which may demean, disgrace, or degrade any person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of the participant(s) occurs.

Hazing Prevention

Report An Incident Of Hazing