Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) offers programs and services with licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, and trainees with expertise dealing with student concerns and development. Students who are currently registered at FIU are eligible to use these services and participate in the programs. The services offered by CAPS are funded by the student health fee and are free to currently enrolled students.

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Online resources

CAPS Online strives to supply online-only and hybrid students with services and resources that are comparable to those made available to in-classroom students. We recognize that this endeavor is critical to ensuring that the mental health needs of all FIU students are exceptionally supported as they pursue their education and become globally engaged citizens. 

  • E-workshops

    CAPS clinicians offer a plethora of virtual, psycho-educational, drop-in workshop sessions focused on helping students thrive. These 60-minute workshops range from various topics like ADHD, adulting, anxiety, getting unstuck, and even improving academic skills. They are designed to assist with coping and provide concrete skills.

    Workshops do not provide mental health treatment. If you would like to speak with a counselor, call us at 305-348-2277. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact 911 or an emergency mental health service in your local community.

    Please visit our PantherConnect page to access all event information including Zoom links, to RSVP, and to add them to your personal calendar!

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  • Togetherall
    An online community of students designed to support your mental health. Connect with others experiencing similar feelings, take advantage of digital journals, mood tracker, and mental health modules and screenings. Trained professionals are on hand, 24/7. Join today! 
  • Kognito

    Kognito's role-play simulations will enable you to rapidly build the capacity to lead real-life conversations that change lives.

    These modules have been deployed by more than 350 schools in the U.S., Canada, UK, and New Zealand and are research-proven and evidence-based.

    Intrigued? Check it out! Kognito is free for FIU students, faculty and staff. Click below on the descriptor that best applies to you.

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    I'm a student

    At-Risk Mental Health for Students

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    In this course, you will learn how to recognize when you or a friend need help, how to talk to a friend you’re worried about, and where you or your friend can go for help if the situation is too big to handle on your own. In addition, you will be guided through the creation of a self-care plan.

    Together Stronger for Students - Supporting Student Veterans

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    Returning veterans enter the classroom with valuable life and leadership experiences; however, transitioning to civilian and student life represents unique challenges. Take this course to learn how to recognize signs of distress, to use effective conversation tactics, and to refer a friend to on and off campus support services.


     I'm a Student Employee, Graduate Assistant, Faculty, or Staff

    At-Risk for Faculty and Staff

    Faculty and staff kognito banner

    Now more than ever we need to be able to identify and help students in distress. Whether you deal directly with students or have student employees in your department, it's important that you be able to recognize at-risk behavior.

    Veterans on Campus for Faculty and Staff

    Veterans kognito banner

    Returning veterans enter the classroom with valuable life and leadership experiences; however, transitioning to civilian and student life represents unique challenges. Take this course to learn how to recognize signs of distress, to use effective conversation tactics, and to refer a student to on and off campus support services.

  • RIO Online

    RIO stands for Recognition, Insight, and Openness and is an online workshop that will show you skills to handle uncomfortable feelings through a series of short videos and journal exercises. RIO online is based on the RIO workshop created and generously shared by the Cal Poly University Counseling Services Team. This online workshop will help you recognize what you want to change in your life and give you a roadmap to reach your desired goals.

    Learn more about RIO Online.

  • Relationship quizzes

    Learning and talking about victimization is the first step in reducing its frequency. These quizzes are designed to test your knowledge and hopefully teach you something about each of the topics. They are not a replacement for a conversation with a professional. If you would like more in-depth information and additional resources, please visit our Victim Empowerment Program page.

  • Alcohol and other drugs

    Learning some basic facts about drugs can help you stay safe.

    The most common consequence of drug use for college students is an increased risk of sexual assault and car accidents.


  • Podcast

    On the couch with Kiwi

    “On the couch with Kiwi” is a short podcast series featuring FIU’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) clinicians being interviewed by Psychology Doctoral Interns.

  • CAPS Talks

    In CAPS Talks you can see various of our clinicians and peer, educators, as they go over various topics regarding mental health that affect our everyday life and how we can overcome some of these.

    See our playlist of episodes

  • ADHD Sessions

On-campus services

  • Group counseling

    At CAPS we believe group counseling is one of the most effective ways to deal with some issues that affect College Students.

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  • Individual and couples counseling

    CAPS offers individual counseling to those students with concerns appropriate to be treated in a brief psychotherapy model.

    Couples who are both registered FIU students may be seen at CAPS for couples counseling.

  • Testing

    CAPS offers comprehensive psycho-educational testing services for students with possible ADHD and/ or learning disorders, and other medical or psychiatric conditions negatively affecting academic performances.

    During your Access appointment, you can request a testing consultation and/ or an ADHD screening to find out whether a full psycho-educational evaluation would be helpful for you. Testing consultations and ADHD screenings will take around 90 mins. Both are free of charge.

    • A psycho-educational evaluation (2 sessions, each 2 to 3 hrs long) will assess your strengths and weaknesses and will determine the presence of ADHD, learning disorders, or other mental conditions negatively affecting your academic performance. It also provides you with meaningful recommendations regarding necessary accommodations that will help you to pursue your academic goals. The current fee is $300.
    • A neuropsychological evaluation with personality testing (3 sessions, each 2 to 3 hrs long) is necessary when you are requesting special accommodations from entities outside of FIU (like LSAT, MCAT, GRE, Board exams) as these entities have very stringent testing requirements. The current fee is $600.

    A clinician also may refer you for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons for personality testing. A session will take around 90 mins and is free of charge.

  • Trauma and victimization

    The Victim Empowerment Program specializes in working with students who have experienced threatened or actual violence.

Off-campus services

  • MiResource

    MiResouce is for those students who would like connect with a clinician in the community, but may not know where to start. Whether it is identity preferences, insurance type, or mental health specialty area, MiResource creates a safe space for students to explore vetted clinicians with ease.

    Click here to learn more.

-Last reviewed April 2023


To make an appointment with us, please call the offices at MMC or BBC. Appointments will be held over the phone or by videoconference (through a HIPAA-compliant platform).

Modesto A. Maidique Campus

Student Health Center (SHC) 270
305-348-2277 (CAPS)

Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Biscayne Bay Campus

Wolfe University Center (WUC) 320

Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM

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