About Us

College Life Coaching is a progressive initiative that offers undergraduate students valuable one-on-one personal support to achieve not only their academic, but also their personal goals. Students are usually referred to a Life Coach by faculty or staff member, but a student may request an appointment themselves as well.

CLC Mission

To empower students by guiding them in goal setting and in the development of academic and life skills, while cultivating an empathetic university environment which supports student success.  

CLC Vision

College Life Coaching envisions a supportive community where students are intentionally achieving their goals. 


Students will... 

  • Develop the practice of reflection to increase self-awareness and insightfulness. 
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving strategies to manage obstacles. 
  • Identify what their goals are, how they will achieve them and what is their motivation. 
  • Empower themselves with academic and life skills to take ownership over their life.