College Life Coaching

We are pleased to announce that college life coaching appointments will be available virtually. While this option has always been available to FIU students, until further notice this will be the way to meet with your college life coach.

Please request an appointment. For any questions or concerns, please email

What is Coaching?

Meetings with a College Life Coach can focus within a range of topics that have been proven important to students’ success at FIU. Whatever you’re struggling with, a College Life Coach can provide you with guidance.

Some examples of commonly discussed topics are:

  • Time management
  • Study strategies
  • Motivation
  • Managing obstacles
  • Evaluating progress towards academic goals

Get help from a College Life Coach

For any questions or concerns, please email

What have students gained from coaching?

“The College Life Coaching program has helped me stay accountable with each goal I made for the semester. They changed my perspective of what success means and how to effectively achieve it. This program has changed many aspects of my life especially during these challenging times.”

Chiari A.

“My group coaching experience was filled with laughs and lessons where I improved on my goal setting and problem solving skills. Thanks to that my college experience has been very enjoyable this semester.”

Amber R.