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For more information regarding the Black Student Union General Board and how to join, please contact the Black Student Union Vice President (MMC or BBC) at or


Education & Outreach

This committee is responsible for planning events and programs designed to promote career, leadership, political, and academic development and for identifying and coordinating community service opportunities for the students at the University.

Social and Cultural Programming

This committee is responsible for providing social and cultural engagement opportunities by bringing a variety of entertainment and performance acts to FIU.

Marketing and Promotions

This committee oversees all marketing and promotions for BSU. This committee makes certain that events and activities are marketed well through social media engagement and tabling efforts. The marketing and promotions committee is also responsible for selecting promotional items for the organization.

Executive board




Grace Biggers

MMC Vice President

Sania Borom

BBC Vice President

Samiyah Corcoran

Director of Finance & Administration

Shania Sylvain

Director of Education & Outreach

Kimberly Seymour

Director of Social & Cultural Programming

Zipporah Thomas

Co-Director of Marketing & Promotions

Zyannah Greaux

Co-Director of Marketing & Promotions

Taylor Finlay

Campus Life Advisor

Colette Harrington

Council staff

Colette Harrington
Assistant Director

Naby Exceus
Graduate Assistant