Marketing and Promotions

The marketing committee prints and posts all marketing for BSU and the event pertaining thereto. This committee makes certain that events are marketed well and that the strategic marketing plans have been followed through. The marketing committee is also responsible for selecting promotional items for the Council.

Education & Enrichment

This committee will be responsible for planning events such as lectures, forums, and seminars, designed to promote career, leadership, political, and academic growth and development. The committee also plans and executes the Odyssey event that introduces Black students to faculty, staff and students.

Social & Cultural Events

This committee’s goal is to provide insight, educate, and entertain by bringing a variety of diverse and engaging performance acts to FIU, including spoken word artists, live bands, comedians, dance, live-game shows, karaoke, etc. This committee is responsible for planning and executing events such as Union Wednesdays and the BSU Thanksgiving Dinner.

Community Service

This committee is responsible for identifying and coordinating community service opportunities for the students at the University.

Executive board




Artrice Shepherd

MMC Vice President

Jaquan Starling

BBC Vice President

Jordan Daniels


Yasmine Washington


Rayan Abasaeed

Director of Traditions

Stacy Barthe

Director of Social and Cultural Events

Alexandra Torres

Director of Marketing and Promotions

Annalicie Stewart

Director of Community Service

Kyla Messam

Director of Education and Enrichment

Ashney Francis

Campus Life Advisor

Colette Harrington

Council staff

Colette Harrington
Program Coordinator

Mickalia Paisley
Graduate Assistant