Appointment Scheduling:

Schedule appointments with academic advisors and tutors quickly and easily.

Major Explorer:

Match your interests and career goals with the right major, and look at transferable skills and career options for each major.


Step-by-step tips on paying for college, making degree progress, getting involved on campus, and much more.

Class Schedule:

View your class schedule and easily connect with professors.

Hold Center:

Connect to the right office so you can quickly resolve holds.

Why Use Navigate?

Get Step-by-Step Guidance:

Navigate is a new free mobile app that will help you thrive at FIU. Navigate can help students at all levels, whether you're just getting started or are nearing graduation. Think of it like a personal advisor in your pocket!

Have Answers at Your Fingertips:

Find the information you need without the wait.

Make Connections:

Whether you're looking for academic advising, tutoring or ways to have fun outside the classroom, Navigate will connect you to the right people and resources.

Never Miss Important Events:

Navigate's academic calendar feature can integrate with your smartphone, so you're ready for everything from class registration to fun events like Earthstock. Plus, you can add your own reminders and To-Dos.