Erica Jayne Friedman, PhD

Associate Director


Pronouns: They/She/He (All Pronouns Welcome)


Dr. Erica Jayne Friedman is a native New Yorker who has over 15 years of higher education experience. Their vision is to create pathways for LGBTQIA+ students to thrive and empower students toward leadership opportunities in support of LGBTQIA+ people. Through advocacy and education, Dr. Friedman is committed to making our FIU the most supportive and affirming university for LGBTQIA+ students in Florida.

Dr. Friedman received formative training as a social justice agent for queer and trans communities as an undergraduate at Binghamton University and through their doctoral program in psychology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). For over 10 years, Dr. Friedman researched topics within gender and queer studies focused on understanding the impact of cisgenderism and heterosexism. They explored how social norms around gender and sexuality develop, are resisted, and changed. They recently published a chapter titled "Safer Brave Spaces that Empower Queer and Trans Students" in Reconceptualizing Safe Spaces: Supporting Inclusive Education (2021).

In their free time, Dr. Friedman enjoys worldwide travel, SCUBA diving, hiking, PC gaming, and being an active member of the Miami Ballroom scene with the House of Milan. Dr. Friedman personally experiences both their gender and sexuality as fluid.


PhD, Social-Personality Psychology, The Graduate Center, CUNY
MA, Social-Personality Psychology, The Graduate Center, CUNY
BA, Psychology, Binghamton University