TLC for Biology 1

Extra Credit in BSC 2010

The Center for Academic Success (CfAS) offers workshops in reading enhancement through the application of various reading strategies via your biology textbook. These workshops are designed to make you better readers as the volume of information increases throughout the semester. They are structured for small groups of students to facilitate the in-depth application of these strategies.

  • Workshop Expectations
    1. Be prepared. Bring your textbook, syllabus, and any pertinent materials related to your class. Any forms of assessment are extremely helpful.
    2. Be on time. Sessions are one hour in length. The tutors need all of this time in order to provide each participant with the necessary attention and detail to his/her progress. Workshops are available at both our MMC and BBC campuses. CfAS, MMC is located in the Green Library, room 120 (next to Starbucks). CfAS, BBC is located in Academic One, room 160.
    3. Be consistentIn order to receive your extra credit points, you must complete all five sessions throughout the semester. This is an opportunity for you to earn more points for your class. Sessions cannot be skipped, missed, or partially completed.
    4. Be receptive. You will receive a variety of strategies, graphic organizers, mnemonics, and study rubrics throughout these sessions. Not all of them may apply to BSC 2010, but they may be useful in another course. Keep these in your ‘metacognitive bank’ and ask your tutor questions.
    5. Be responsibleOnce you register for a workshop at CfAS you are reserving a place that no other student can take. Be considerate of these workshops. Keep your Panther ID handy when you check in with the front desk. You must enter your information at the front area of our center, and make sure that your tutor records your attendance. At the end of the semester, these records will be submitted to your professor.
  • Workshop Syllabus

    Session 1: Prepare for Success

    This workshop will have students brainstorm on different components of their class structure and how that can affect their learning.

    Session 2: Reading Strategies

    Students will be introduced to reading strategies (SQ3R & PACE) that can be used as helpful tools to have a deeper understanding of the biology content. Students will also be introduced to the SCORE study strategy, which helps students to understand readings that have visual aids.

    Session 3: Vocabulary and Note-Taking Strategies

    Students will be participating in a vocabulary strategy exercise (using morphology) to understand the relationships among word parts and their meanings in the biology context. Students will be introduced to various note-taking styles to aid in condensing information, identifying main ideas, and understanding key concepts within the biology content.

    Session 4: Study Strategies

    This session will focus on providing students with resource tools and strategies to aid students in studying effectively.

    Session 5: Exam Preparation Breakdown

    The final session will provide students with tips and strategies on how to best prepare for an exam. Students will also be introduced to test-taking strategies that can support student achievement. 


On the registration page, select the set you want or have been assigned. 

You will be dropped if you do not attend the first session. Please register for Set Two.

Fill in all personal information, then select the section which suits you best.