Fostering Student Success

The Center for Academic Success (CfAS) and FIU faculty have enjoyed lasting and successful partnerships across various disciplines. CfAS provides a space for inquiry and refinement of students' understanding of their coursework. Faculty encourage students to take advantage of this space of academic support, which complements their instruction and reinforces their ability to succeed in the classroom.

This cross-campus collaboration is most evident in the varied number of initiatives, customized workshops and presentations frequently delivered across the campus; often at the request of faculty and their departments. CfAS is energized by and looks forward to these partnerships at work.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Center for Academic Success (CfAS) is to provide learner-centered curriculum support and services to a diverse group of students, and to facilitate academic advancement by allowing students to explore and process classroom material by providing support in a student-centered environment. 

CfAS is nationally recognized for its innovative, research-based initiatives that are designed to meet the needs of FIU and the community it serves. CfAS continues to address these needs with a highly trained professional staff that works collaboratively within the university, and with its partners to actively contribute to a legacy of student success.

CfAS provides a broad range of widely accessible academic enhancement opportunities. Its aim is to promote the quality and scope of student learning through active engagement with the center's tutors, administrative and instructional staff, and to work collaboratively with FIU's faculty, staff, and administration. It emphasizes teaching and learning practices for long-term retention and conceptual understanding so that students are able to develop a deeper level of proficiency in their discipline(s).