Panther Degree Audit

Active degree-seeking students receive a real-time status of their academic career progress at MyFIU using Panther Degree Audit (PDA). Panther Degree Audit provides a record of the student’s academic progress toward completion of their academic degree program. This new feature allows students to review the courses they have taken, including in-progress courses, and review and plan for courses needed to complete their degree. Panther Degree Audit assists the advisor and student in planning for current and future courses as the courses pertain to the degree requirement.

You should run your PDA every semester after you have registered and at the end of each semester after grades are posted, to ensure that all the classes are being applied to the requirements as you expected. Review the Panther Degree Audit for accuracy and put the copy in your Important Documents Portfolio.

You can log into your MyFIU account to access your PDA.