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Beginning on February 14, 2011, academic advisors will have their students’ academic transcript and degree audit in one source via PantherSoft Campus Solutions. Graduate and law advisors will have a solution to facilitate the graduation requirements for student with an admissions term of Fall of 2009. Undergraduate advisors will have an improved degree audit system that is integrated with PantherSoft Campus Solutions.

With the roll out of the Panther Degree Audit functionality we have the benefits of:

  • Full integration with Campus Solutions (PantherSoft)
  • One place to view all information (degree audits, transcripts, etc.)
  • Real-time updates of student records being reflected on the degree audit
  • Ability to run degree audits for graduated and discontinued students
  • An easier way to run What-If reports
  • Ability for students to plan and map future course work related to their majors via Campus Solutions Planner, and Shopping Cart features

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