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What is MyMajorMatch via KuderJourney?

“Based largely upon the vision of Dr. Frederic Kuder, a pioneer in the career development industry, the history of Kuder includes many significant milestones which have created a foundation rich in experience, leadership, and innovation – a foundation that continues to guide our work. Today, the Kuder Assessments remain the widely accepted “standard” for students and adults to use when building their research-based educational and career plans.” – Kuder Website

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Why MyMajorMatch (KuderJourney)?

The goal of this program is to decrease dropout rates as well as increase retention and graduation rates. MyMajorMatch will introduce students to the different majors available at Florida International University. 

When will MyMajorMatch be available?

MyMajorMatch will be available for all incoming Freshman/Transfer students Fall 2012, including Summer B. New student applicants through correspondence with Admissions will be informed of MyMajorMatch. Current, active degree seeking students will receive access to the feature by the end of February 2012. Although it is not required, students will be highly encouraged to take the assessment. It will be placed under new students’ To-Do list on MyFIU.


What are the Benefits?

  • The multiple assessments will give insight to your interest, skills, and other important priorities that will help guide you to the most desired occupation.
  • Tabs and features give you information regarding financial aid, occupations, required education for employment, and other necessities to excel while attending college and after graduation.
  • You will continue to have access to your assessments after graduation. MyMajorMatch is a lifelong membership.

This Training Module will guide you on how to navigate and use the MyMajorMatch website.

How to Access And Use MyMajorMatch

  1. Log into MyFIU with your Panther ID and Password.
  2. If you’re an FIU employee, ensure you’re in the student portal by clicking the drop-down menu labeled “Employee” and click “Student.
  3. Once you are in the student portal click the square labeled “Academic Advising.”
  4. Now click the square labeled “My Major.”
  5. On the left-side of your screen there will be a few tabs. Click the one labeled “MyMajorMatch.”
  6. Click “Take MyMajorMatch.”
  7. Once you have been redirected, you will notice MyMajorMatch has seven tabs that are arranged from left to right with multiple features.
  8. There are three different assessments available:
    1. Kuder Career Interests Assessment
    2. Kuder Skills Confidence Assessment
    3. Kuder Work Values Assessment

How to Take a Kuder Career Interests Assessment

  1. On the MyMajorMatch website, click the tab labeled “Assessments.”
  2. Click “Take an Assessment.”
  3. You will see three different assessments, click “Start” under the one that reads “Kuder Career Interests Assessment.”
  4. Once redirected, you will see a page that explains how to answer the questions. Read carefully before taking the assessment. Please Note:
    • Assessments could take 9 minutes on average to complete.
    • Assessments can be saved and resumed later.
    • Assessments can be retaken.
  5. Click “Next” to begin your assessment.

How to View Assessment Results

  1. On the MyMajorMatch website, click the tab labeled “Assessments.”
  2. Click “View Assessment Results.”
  3. Click the blue icon that looks like a magnifying glass on the assessment you want to examine.
  4. Your top five clusters will appear on the result page by default.
  5. Your results are based on the Federal 16 Clusters. To view all 16 clusters based on your assessment results, click “National cluster Results.”
  6. If you wish to add a specific cluster to favorites, click on the star next to the cluster.
    Your favorites are added to “My Portfolio” under “Career Goals.”
  7. Scrolling down the page allows you to view “FIU’s Major Manager,” which include five titles that reflect your top five clusters.
  8. By clicking a title, a list of majors will appear that correspond to the selected title. In addition, you can click each major to find out more about them.
  9. Like your clusters, you can favorite majors by clicking the star next to the major.
  10. Clicking on the available links for each major, you will be redirected to a new page, containing the major’s description and a link to MyMajor Website.
  11. MyMajor Website provides a detailed report about the major through: 
    • Program Description
    • Admission Requirements
    • Career Opportunities
    • Contact Information

How to Take Other Assessments

  1. On the MyMajorMatch website, click the tab labeled “Assessments.”
  2. Click “Take an Assessment.”
  3. Click “Start” under the one that reads “Kuder Skills Confidence Assessment” or “Kuder Work Values Assessment.”
    Once, all three assessments are completed, you will have access to the “Kuder Interest and Skill Composite Report.”
  4. You can access the “Kuder Interest and Skill Confidence Report” under “View Assessment Results” under the “Assessments” tab.
  5. Click the blue icon that looks like a magnifying glass next to the Kuder Interests and Skills Composite Report” to inspect it further.
  6. The green bar indicates your interests, while the clue bar specifies your skills.
  7. On the sidebar you can view your:
    • High Interest & Skill
    • High Interest & Less Skill
    • High Skill & Less Interest
    • Low Interest & Skill

Features of MyMajorMatch


"Occupations” utilizes O*NET, a government occupational database, to filter through your high interest and high skill sets to suggest possible occupations that may interest you.


“Education & Financial Aid” allows you to apply to FAFSA throughout the MyMajorMatch site. 

You can search for scholarships and internships.

This sectional also includes information about graduate school.


You can prepare important documents you will need while in college and after graduation.

“Job Search Tools” provides the capability to build your own custom-made E-Portfolio, so that it can be viewed by potential employers.

Different tabs include:

  • Review Interview Skills
  • Write Résumés
  • Write Cover Letters
  • Collect References, etc.


You can search occupations in different states with information pulled from the government database O*NET.


You can create a personalized E-Portfolio, uploading documents and videos to your page.

Under “Your Favorites,” you can click on “Career Goals” and study side-by-side comparisons of saved occupations and clusters.