MyMajor Tutorials


What is MyMajor?

My Major provides in-depth information on all FIU Undergraduate majors, their admissions criteria, career opportunities, and their departments’ contact information. MyMajor includes MajorMaps, or programs of study, that shows students what they need to take in order to graduate in a timely manner.


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Why MyMajor?

The website’s goal is to assist students in finding the right major. MyMajor showcases all the majors at FIU, making it easier to navigate and view the different possibilities available.

What are the benefits?

  • MyMajor places the FIU majors at the student’s fingertips.
  • MyMajor provides students with a one-stop shop to the different majors offered at FIU.
  • MyMajor provides Major Maps (Plans of Study) which outline the student’s academic career.
  • MyMajor assists students to graduate in a timely manner.

This Training Manual will guide you on how to navigate and use the MyMajor website.

How to Access and Use MyMajor

  1. Go to MyMajor website.
  2. There are four different browsing options:
    • “All Areas of Interest” on “All Campuses.”
    • “College/School” (i.e. Architecture and the Arts)
    • “Browse All”
    • “Search” Box
  3. Each includes a drop-down list of options available to browse from.
  4. After entering your search criteria, the results will display.
  5. The Search results are broken down by “Majors”, “Degree”, “Major Maps”, “College/School”, and “Campuses”.
  6. By placing your cursor over a major, a pop-up will appear with a brief description of the major.
  7. Click on a major and you will be directed to the major information page.
  8. You will be able to view the “Program Description”, “Admission Requirements”, “Career Opportunities”, and “Contact Information”.
  9. “Program Description” provides you with background information on the specific major.
  10. “Admission Requirements” provides requirements needed to apply for the major.
  11. “Career Opportunities” allows you to view “Related Occupations” and “Wages & Employment Trend” for your specific major.

    These resources are provided by O*NET. O*NET is a database that correlates degrees to career opportunities. It is highly encouraged to visit O*NET to browse the career opportunities which are available.

    Visit O*NET Online for more information.
  12. “Contact Information” allows you to contact the department and/or advisors for more information regarding the major.

Major Maps

Each major has a 2-Year Transfer and/or a 4-Year Freshman Major Map.

  • A 2-Year Transfer Major Maps is for students who transfer to FIU with at least 60 credit hours.
  • A 4-Year Freshman Major Map is for students who begin at FIU with less than 60 credits.

Major Maps (Plans of Study) outline the academic career for students. The Major Map shows the courses needed and grade desired by each department.

Please Note: Although there is no major map for part-time students, the existing major maps are excellent guides. Please consult your advisor to tailor the major maps to your needs.

The major maps begin with Fall 2012 admission year. Current students may use the major maps as a guide toward graduation. Please consult with your advisor regarding your catalog requirements to tailor the major maps to your needs.

If you have any questions after reviewing this tutorial, please contact