Student Programming Council

The Student Programming Council (SPC) is an organization at each campus that programs events for FIU students and its community. Events range from comedy shows to movies, concerts, pool parties and lectures. Members of SPC have the opportunity to gain leadership experience, network and learn how to program a variety of events. In addition, the council works with other organizations on campus to provide more diverse programming to students.

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Major events

FIU BAYFEST: The Music Festival

Bayfest was added as a new attraction to the Biscayne Bay Campus by the Student Programming Council in 2015. This music-festival was introduced as the new musical entertainment for the Spring semester for student and faculty members of the FIU. We also welcome patrons from the neighboring areas, student, and non-student, to partake in the festivities for the day, as we enjoy the multi-genre music festival matched with the aesthetics of our backyard, the Biscayne Bay.


The University Park Roar (UPRoar) music festival is an annual event hosted in the Spring semester at the Modesto Maidique Campus. The festival features activation stations, local and popular artists, giveaways, and more! 

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Student Executive Board




Erin Douglas

Vice President MMC

Michael Cazeau

Vice President

Shirley Campos


Ruth Point-Du-Jour


Viznica Mesidor

Marketing Director

Laryssa Destin

Regional Director


MMC Coordinator

Carmen Berrio

BBC Coordinator

Da’Nica Benaine