Signature events

  • That's So Queer

    Formerly hour-long live discussions, these are student-led Tik-Tok style video shorts posted to the Pride Center's Instagram account (@fiupridecenter). Various topics are covered that highlight specific populations within our community (e.g., nonbinary people), currently relevant topics (e.g., cancel culture), and community engagement topics (e.g., queer representation in the media).

  • Trans Awareness Programming

    The Pride Center holds an awareness raising program each November around the time of International Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20). The goal is to engage the campus community in a conversation that brings attention to the discrimination and violence faced by trans and nonbinary folks and to create space for celebrating and stimulating joy within our trans and nonbinary communities.

    We often will have a combination of resources available to students, activities for students to express themselves and/or their support for trans and non-binary communities, student and community guest speakers who share their personal experiences and discuss discrimination in their communities, and a candlelight vigil.

    In 2022, we celebrate Trans Awareness through our GenderChill: Gender Justice Fashion Show program.

  • Black History Month Programming

    Each year, the Pride Center holds at least one discussion centering the experiences and voices of Black queer and/or trans individuals in the community. Sometimes this looks like an educational panel discussion, other times this looks like a healing space or workshop. Our major, signature event with this focus typically lines up with the Black Student Union's month of programming in February for Black History Month.

  • Glitter Prom
    Glitter Prom is an affinity-building event held each year as a celebration of identity and community where LGBTQIA+ college students and allies come together to enjoy a night of music, food, and fun! This is a chance for students to have the prom they always wanted but perhaps were never able to experience due to exclusionary policies around expression and partnerships. No such restrictions exist for FIU's Glitter Prom!
  • Miami Beach Pride Parade

    We celebrate the unique spirit and culture of the LGBTQIA+ community at the Miami Beach Pride Parade every April. FIU has the largest contingency on an annual basis, and our overall involvement exemplifies FIU's continued support of the LGBTQIA+ community. Each year, we host our Alumni & Friends Breakfast at the FIU Wolfsonian Museum, followed by the parade in the afternoon. We also have a booth at Lummus Park all day on Saturday the day before the parade.

  • Lavender Graduation and Leadership Recognition Ceremonies

    We hold two Lavender Graduation ceremonies each year: (1) Winter Lavender Graduation; and (2) Spring Lavender Graduation. During the Lavender Graduation we bring our LGBTQIA+ community together to honor those who will be graduating as well as the recipients of our annual leadership awards. At the ceremonies, we recognize LGBTQIA+ students who are graduating as well as those with academic achievements and leadership contributions.

    In the Spring, the ceremony is open to all LGBTQIA+ graduating seniors, including those graduating in Spring and Summer. All graduates receive a Lavender Medallion for their own graduation ceremony.

    If you are a graduating senior, please fill out this form so you can be recognized at the event.

  • Pulse Vigil

    Every June, we honor and bring awareness to the 49 lives lost in the attack on Orlando Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2015. The day marks a time to grieve members of our own FIU community who were lost and/or affected by this tragedy. The event also focuses on healing and spreading love and acceptance to all people regardless of their gender or orientation.

Event collaborations

The Pride Center collaborates with multiple departments and organizations on campus on a diverse array of gender and sexuality-related events and programs throughout the year.

FIU departments or campus organizations who wish to receive our support for their own events can request to collaborate with us or invite us to participate in a program.

Propose your own event

The Pride Center encourages and supports students taking leadership in implementing their own ideas for new or reoccurring events and programs.

Our office will work with students to determine the extent to which they want the Pride Center involved in the planning, funding, and implementation of student-led events.

Individual students who wish to receive our support for their own events can submit a request form, just as departments and organizations do, at the link below.