Office of Micro-Credentials

Welcome FIU faculty and staff

FIU is committed to providing quality academic offerings to our students and community. The Division of Academic & Student Affairs is committed to working with faculty, staff, and industry partners to identify the skills that all learners need to be successful in the 21st century world of work.

As part of the Next Horizon 2025 strategic plan, the goal of the Office of Micro-Credentials is to support our partners to develop innovative programming and work with learners to identify competencies that align with their academic programming or professional interests.

Elizabeth M. Bejar, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs

Why create a Micro-Credential

Micro-Credentials offer a wide range of benefits to both faculty and learners. They provide faculty, academic programs, institutions, and organizations the flexibility to deliver on-demand knowledge and skills. These credentials enable faculty and instructors to validate demonstrated skills and competencies, and they provide learners with the opportunity to up-skill and re-skill as conditions demand. In addition, learners can gain access to competencies outside of their academic programs to supplement their learning experience.

The results are learners who area able to stay abreast of the skills and competencies needed to be successful in their disciplines or in new and emerging fields or industries.

Work with OMC to design a badge

Learn more about designing a Micro-Credential on this website or you can also schedule a call with our team to get started. Reach out to our office by emailing us at

Sample badges

Intake form

The first step is to complete an Intake Form. This form notifies the Office of Micro-Credentials that you are ready to begin developing a Micro-Credential and would like to begin the process.

Intake Form

To fill out the intake form, you will be asked to provide:

  • Your contact information and the information of any additional collaborators.
  • Information about where you currently are in the development process and some information about the proposed Micro-Credential.

Once the Intake Form is received, the Office of Micro-Credentials will assign a program coordinator who will work with you in the development process. The coordinator will first schedule a consultation to go over important information, set deadlines and expectations, as well as answering any questions you may have.


New Micro-Credential proposals are initiated and developed by the faculty or an appropriate departmental/unit designee. Proposals will be submitted to the Division of Academic & Student Affairs for review.

Development and Issuance of Micro-Credentials #380.104 policy applies to the university community including faculty, and staff when developing and awarding Micro-Credentials.