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FIU Homecoming Council

The FIU Homecoming Council is made up of students who work with many organizations and departments on campus like Campus Life, Orientation & Family Programs, Athletics, and the Alumni Association to make a special week of events happen each year.

The value and experience of working on the Homecoming Council is one of a kind. It's a great way to add weight to your resume, and overall enrich your college experience at FIU.

Homecoming consists of many exciting events including Panthermonium concert, Panther’s Got Talent, Caribbean Bash at BBC, the Uncaging: Panthers on the Lawn, our Homecoming Parade, the BBC dance and many more!

Council members

Natalia Betancourt
Overall Director

Heidi Valdes
Assistant Director of Administration

Cristian Cruz
Assistant Director of Programming

Gabriella Garcia
Assistant Director of Communications

Larry Zapata
Assistant Director of Finance

Alyshia Dolce
Assistant Director of BBC Programming

Nick Czerwinski
Panthers Got Talent Chair

Monica Valeriano
Court Logistics Chair

Giacomo Natteri
Rules and Regulations Chair

Noe Calderon
Programming Assistant

Chelsey Alceme
Programming Logistics Chair

Kaitlyn Dziedzic
Uncaging Chair

Luis Lopez
Social Media Chair

Ashley Bohorquez
Co-Creative Content Chair

Lucy Logan
Co-Creative Content Chair

Ebony Parks
Internal Relations Chair

Maheen Mitha
External Relations Chair

Nicole Calles
Finance Assistant

Alessandro Berns
Sponsorship Chair

Sandina Dominique
Caribbean Bash Chair

Alexis Cabrera
Marketing & Outreach Chair

Chen Ohana
Finance Chair

Stephanie Miller

Colette Harrington
BBC Advisor

Kayla Cabrera
Graduate Assistant

Become a part of the biggest event on campus

Apply for a chance to become a part of cultivating one of FIU's biggest and longest standing traditions. Applications open every Spring semester.