Graham Center

The Graham Center (GC) is a destination for classes, major events, services, and retail. GC serves as a unifying force that values diversity and inclusion, fosters a sense of community, and cultivates Panther pride.

Event services

As the center of the action at Modesto A. Maidique Campus, Graham Center is ideal for both private and university events.


  • Locker rentals

    The Graham Center has 90 lockers that students may rent on a semester basis for a fee of $15 for small lockers and $20 for large lockers. All lockers are for individual use and are outfitted with independent combination locks. Lockers are located directly beside the Bustelo Café area in the GC food court.

    All questions regarding the locker units and rental policy can be addressed to the Graham Center Main Office, GC 1210, or call 305-348-2297.

  • Notary services

    Notary services are available at the Graham Center Office, GC 1210. In order to process your request, the following are required:

    • An appointment with the business office for the notary. Contact the Graham Center's main office to receive more information.
    • Document must be signed in front of a notary. The document cannot be signed in advance.
    • Two valid photo identifications must be presented to have the signature notarized.
    • The following are acceptable forms of identification:
      • FIU ID
      • U.S. government-issued photo ID (driver's license, U.S. passport, military ID)

    Form of payment accepted: Credit card.

    Cost: $5 per notary stamp for faculty/students. $7 per notary stamp for external personnel. 

    Transcripts may not be notarized by this office. Other restrictions apply, and we may be unable to notarize certain documents.

  • Student Art Gallery

    The GC Student Art Gallery, located in the Piano Lounge area, showcases artwork from students, faculty, alumni, and the local community.

    The GC Student Art Gallery has hosted a wide range of exhibitions, from the work of Visual Arts scholarship recipients to fundraising art auctions for local non-profit organizations and internationally recognized artists from the Caribbean and South America.

    The GC Student Art Gallery is committed to showcasing contemporary fine art that embodies the magnificence of diverse cultural backgrounds and disciplines.

    For more information, contact GC Student Art Gallery via email at

  • Marketing

    The Graham Center provides the following marketing media to assist in the promotion of university events and programs. All requests to post content/material must comply with university regulations and the GC Marketing Policy.

  • Indoor digital signage

    Serving as FIU's student union, the Graham Center offers free marketing of on-campus, student-centered events on its LCD screens.

    LCD Preparation guidelines & formats

    • Maximum of 120 characters per message
    • Minimum font size 30px (40px works best)
    • Font family Arial or Helvetica
    • Must include an official branded logo
    • Ratio of screen is 16:9
    • Graphic format of .jpeg or .png required
    • Size graphics
      • Horizontal: 1920px X 1080px (w X h)
      • Vertical: 1080px X 1920px (w X h)

    Contact to request digital signage

  • Entrance doors and glass displays

    Contact Event Planning Office in GC 1210 for location areas, fees and material guidelines for installer. Space must be assigned and paid at time of reservation.

    Floor Decal Chart

  • Lost & Found

Meet the staff

Hours of operation

Building hours

Monday-Friday: 6am–12am
Saturday-Sunday: 7am–10pm
Holiday Hours: 7am–8pm

Event Planning Office

Monday-Friday: 8am6pm
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED
Holiday Hours: 9am5pm

Welcome Center

Monday-Friday: 7am9pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am6pm
Holiday Hours: 9am5pm

Computer Lab

Monday-Friday: 8am11pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am8pm
Holiday Hours: 9am5pm


Game Room

Monday-Friday: 10am7pm
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED
Holiday Hours: CLOSED



Modesto A. Maidique Campus
10955 SW 15th Street, GC 1210
Miami, FL 33199

Event Planning Office