Sexual Assault Prevention Training

As part of FIU's ongoing commitment to promote a safe and healthy University community, FIU requires all students to complete Sexual Assault Prevention courses that address the critical issues of sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking.

What's in the training?

  • Part One

    Estimated time to complete: 60 - 90 minutes

    This online course provides you with information about stalking, dating violence, sexual violence, and bystander intervention. After completing Part 1, any enrollment hold or to-do list item on your FIU account related to the SAP training will be automatically removed from your account 1 hour after completion. If the hold is not removed within 24 hours, please log back into the training and verify that you have completed the entire course. If you believe you have completed the course and still have the hold, please email

  • Intersession

    After completing Part 1 you must wait 30 days before Part 2 will be activated. When Part 2 is activated you will receive an email notification and your MyFIU student portal "To-Do List" receives a notification to complete Part 2. You will not be able to complete Part 2 until the end of the 30-day intersession. The intersession is a waiting period and is not a separate module.

  • Part Two

    Estimated time to complete: 5 - 15 minutes

    Part 2 is a survey that allows FIU to understand student attitudes towards sexual and relationship violence, campus norms, and student experiences related to these critical issues. The data from this survey provides valuable feedback to improve sexual assault prevention and awareness programs at FIU. Failure to complete Part 2 will not result in an enrollment hold. The to-do list item assigned to your account for Part 2 does not prevent enrollment or graduation.

Before you begin

  • Use a recent version of Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet access and audio capabilities are required (accessibility options are available)
  • If any video does not automatically play, press the play button
  • You may complete the training in multiple sittings; the course automatically saves your progress
  • The course includes surveys to help personalize your experience and measure students' attitudes and behaviors; all survey responses are confidential

Common Questions & Issues

  • I need to complete this course as part of my new student orientation, how do I complete it?

    This course may be mentioned in your Virtual Orientation, but it is not part of your orientation process. Completing this course will not remove your “Orientation” hold. If you have the Orientation hold, click the hold and follow the directions to complete the requirements to have the hold removed. For additional questions about orientation, contact the Office of Family & Orientation Programs.

  • I need to complete this course to enroll in my first semester, why can't I access it?

    This course is assigned to students during their first semester as an enrolled student. Students are not assigned the course before they are enrolled in courses. Sometimes students are admitted to FIU and do not enroll the same semester. It is important that students complete this training while they are enrolled. Part 2 of the course asks questions based on student experiences that occur on campus. These questions would not be applicable to someone if they attempted to complete the training before ever taking a class at FIU.

  • I took this course as an Undergraduate, do I need to complete it as a Graduate Student?
    Yes. The course is different and you must complete it.
  • I submitted an assistance form but still don't have access.

    First, verify that all of your information is accurate. Incorrect Panther IDs and email addresses will automatically be rejected by our training site.

    Form submissions are processed Monday - Friday every morning around 9:00 AM (ET). Submissions made on Saturday and Sunday are not processed until Monday morning. Once your information is collected from the form and added to the training platform, it may take 24 hours for you to receive access to the course. Once you have access, please check your email inbox and spam folders for the email invitation to the course. You can click the button in the email to go to the training or access the course at 


  • I completed another course and can login, but I don't see the SAP course.

    If you were previously assigned another course on the platform (Alcohol Edu or Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) and cannot access the Sexual Assault Prevention course, please email and request access to the SAP module. 

  • I'm an online only student... do I need to complete this?
    Yes. All students pursuing a degree, even if they are fully-online students, are required to complete this training. While some questions may be tailored to on-campus students, the training provides information that can prevent/identify/stop sexual violence in any environment and is not limited to college campuses.
  • I'm not a traditionally-aged student, why do I need to take this training?
    Any degree-seeking student, regardless of their age, must complete this training for compliance purposes. This training provides information that is beneficial for students of any age.