Sexual Assault Prevention Training

As part of FIU's ongoing commitment to promote a safe and healthy University community, FIU requires all students to complete Sexual Assault Prevention courses that address the critical issues of sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking. Undergraduate, graduate and professional students in their FIRST SEMESTER will be automatically enrolled in the course and will have until the end of that term to complete the course.

What's in the training?

  • Part One

    Estimated time to complete: 45-60 minutes

    This online course provides you with information about stalking, dating violence, sexual violence, and bystander intervention. After completing Part 1, any enrollment hold or to-do list item on your FIU account related to the SAP training should be automatically removed from your account. If the hold is not removed within 5 days, please log back into the training and verify that you have completed the entire course. If you believe you have completed the course and still have the hold, please email

    Failure to complete Part One by the end of your first semester will result in an enrollment hold.

  • Part Two

    Estimated time to complete: 5-10 minutes

    Part 2 is an optional survey that allows FIU to understand student attitudes towards sexual and relationship violence, campus norms, and student experiences related to these critical issues. The data from this survey provides valuable feedback to improve sexual assault prevention and awareness programs at FIU. 

    Failure to complete Part Two will not result in an enrollment hold.

Before you begin

  • Use a recent version of Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet access and audio capabilities are required (accessibility options are available)
  • If any video does not automatically play, press the play button
  • You may complete the training in multiple sittings; the course automatically saves your progress
  • The course includes surveys to help personalize your experience and measure students' attitudes and behaviors; all survey responses are confidential

Common Questions & Issues