Margo Fernandez-Burgos, M.S.Ed.

Doctoral Psychology Trainee

Education: Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, University of Miami – Miami, Doctoral Candidate, University of Miami – Miami

Approach to Therapy: Being alone with emotional suffering can be painful. Sharing and reflecting on inner experiences can be challenging. But doing so can lead to self-discovery and enriched relationships. Margo aspires to bring warmth and compassion to her work with clients, integrating relational, action- and values-oriented approaches to therapy.

Supervisor: Oren Shibi, Psy. D., Justine Wallace, Psy. D., and Priya Kirpalani, Psy. D., CGP.

Professional Interests: Some of her professional interests include exploring sadness, depression, worry, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and paying attention, trouble sleeping, burn out, and stress related to: relationships, family, isolation, loneliness, loss, life transitions, life direction, cultural tensions, conflict, abuse, workplace difficulties, job and/or economic insecurity, worry about society, and efforts to change society and organizations.

Other Activities: Margo enjoys beach barbecues, lengthy breakfast chats, meditative movement, and connecting/living interdependently with loved ones.