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Session Topics

  • Gender Pronoun Use

    Participants will explore gender concepts, learn the importance of pronoun use, and learn how they can respectfully engage with Panthers who have diverse genders, bodies, and experiences.

  • Introduction to Intersectionality

    Participants will explore the origins of the term, learn about their multiple identities, and engage in discussion about the overlap and impact.

  • Introduction to Feminism

    Participants will explore feminism’s origins, learn the “waves” of feminism, and consider how feminism impacts people of all genders and orientations.

  • Let’s Talk About Civil Discourse and Vulnerable Communication

    Participants will learn how to engage in civil discourse and better understand the underpinnings of vulnerability, active listening, and intentional engagement.

  • thisABILITY: Ableism, Rights, Power & Progress

    Participants will explore definitions, experiences, and history of the language, policies, and behaviors that perpetuate ableism while learning how to identify, address, and advocate.

  • Supporting and Affirming LGBTQIA+ students

    Participants will learn history, statistics, language, and other resources that will assist Panthers in supporting and including LGBTQIA+ communities.

  • Understanding Environmental Justice

    Participants will explore the disproportionate effects of climate change, examine efforts that have been made, and learn how Panthers can play a role in making change.