Panther Connect Challenge

The Panthers Connect Challenge is an engagement initiative for undergraduate students that helps you connect with your fellow Panthers. It provides you with a curated pathway to make the most of your college experience while building affinity to FIU and having fun.

Want to get engaged and win great prizes? Join the Panthers Connect Challenge! Attend events, accumulate coins, and exchange them for incredible experiences and gifts. Here’s how the challenge works:

Join the challenge:

  1. Log in to Panther Connect using your FIU credentials.
  2. Scroll down the home page until you see “Paths” on the right-hand side. One of your paths will be the “Panthers Connect Challenge”. You can also go to the Panthers Connect Challenge page on Panther Connect and click on your “Paths” there.
  3. Click on “Panthers Connect Challenge” to see all the events you can attend.
  4. Events are divided into six categories:
    • Athletics & Wellness
    • Career & Professional Development
    • Research & Scholarship
    • Service & Leadership
    • Social & Interest Groups
    • World & Culture
  5. Attend two events in that category to complete it and get a virtual coin. You can get a maximum of 6 coins by completing all categories.
  6. Your coins can be used to enter exciting prize raffles throughout the year. One coin = one raffle entry. Make sure to join our Panthers Connect Challenge page on Panther Connect to stay up to date with raffle/prize announcements.
  7. When you enter a raffle, you can choose to use as many coins as you have or save them for later. Once you use one of your coins you can’t get it back!
  8. If you obtain all six coins and use them up in raffles, you can re-start the challenge by attending more events.

    Note: you must complete all categories and use up all your coins before you are able to accumulate new coins.