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Housing residents, if you’re headed home for winter break, don’t forget these tips!

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Housing residents walk outside the housing complex at MMC

Fall 2023 is coming to a close, and thousands of FIU’s student residents are preparing to head home to see their families and friends for the first time in weeks – or even months, in some cases.

Students, as you rest and relax over winter break, take a moment to reflect on the semester and plan for a successful Spring 2024:

  1. Did you feel a little overwhelmed living on your own this semester? You’re not alone! Moving into university housing is many students’ first experience living away from home, and it can be a big adjustment.

    Before you return to campus in January, spend some time talking to your family and friends about their first experiences living on their own. There’s a good chance they can share advice that will help you manage in the spring. And don’t forget that FIU Counseling & Psychological Services offers a variety of in-person and online services to help students manage stress and mental wellness, too.

  2. Work out a Spring semester chore rotation with your roommates. Be sure to factor in everyone’s class and work schedules so that the shared workload feels fair. Keeping your living space in check can help keep your mind at ease, so you can focus on your studies – and keeping up with regular maintenance tasks day-to-day is a lot less overwhelming than letting all the chores pile up.

  3. Before you leave campus, take stock of your personal belongings. Did you bring more stuff than you ended up needing when you moved in? Or maybe you forgot to pack something important, like an interview outfit for that internship you applied to? Make a list of things to bring back in January and pack up the extras that are just taking up space before heading out for the holidays.

  4. Get your check-ups out of the way while you’re home. This includes dental or eye exams, physicals and vaccinations, or any other health care needs you may have. Taking care of these now can help you steer clear of any health hiccups during the semester.

  5. Most importantly, enjoy your downtime! Spend as much time as you can with the friends and loved ones you’ve missed while you were away, and use this time to recharge for a successful new year!

Caridad Fernandez contributed to this article.