Womxnhood Podcast

The Womxnhood podcast was designed to connect with students by highlighting compelling and heartfelt stories discussing the intersections of womxnhood on a college campus. This podcast was produced by FIU broadcast media major Vanessa Leker, a former member of the Women's Center team.

Season 2

  • Episode 1 | Her Vision From God Propelled Her To Start Her Own Business

    Entrepreneurship is a huge topic that everyone is talking about more often especially during COVID-19 and being stuck in the house. They say, “You need to have multiple streams of income," and “Don't depend on that 9-5 job". Listen as Abigail Tuaño shares her journey of being apart of the media club in high school and where she is now with having her own media company.

  • Episode 2 | It's Been How Many Years?

    It’s been four years since the Pulse nightclub shooting. This episode is in remembrance of the Pulse night club victims and survivors.

Season 1

  • Episode 1 | New Year, New Beginnings: Introducing Womxnhood!

    Do you have a plan for the new year? Do you have the tools you need to achieve your 2020 goals? Everyone is talking about 2020 vision, but do you have a clear plan for your goals? Here are some new year hacks that college students can implement for a productive semester. Our podcasts share new year tips and some women’s center programs to look forward to this semester!

  • Episode 2 | The Scary Side of Love: Toxic Relationships

    Are you in a toxic relationship? Do you know someone who’s in a toxic relationship? What happens when your significant other ends up begin the opposite of what you wanted in a partner? Q. Alexander, author of "Dangerous Intentions: Mouth Full of Lies," shares her story of being in two toxic relationships and how she came out as a better woman!