Graduate & Professional Student Committee

The Graduate & Professional Student Committee (GPSC) helps facilitate and enhance the overall graduate student experience, by advancing the university’s academic goals and promoting quality presentations and research efforts. 


GPSC Funding Types

For detailed information on each of the funding categories, please review the mandatory PowerPoint Workshop.

Active participation in an event, such as presenting a paper or poster presentation and the primary goal is to fund one student per presentation.

How to Apply for Funding?

  1. Must view PowerPoint
  2. Must watch Video
  3. Apply here

Please note: Please do not skip PowerPoint and video as they contain important information, if your application does not reflect instructions properly, your application will be rejected.

Key Reminders:

  1. Applications must be submitted 5 weeks (35 days) before the date of Conference travel.
  2. You must submit all receipts within a week after you return, otherwise approved money may not be released. You may submit post-travel documents here

Additional Funding Sources/ School Level Fundings Sources

Please contact your department for detailed information. Here are few links:

Do you have questions?

Check our Q&A Document

If you still have questions, you may meet any graduate senator below (e.g., senator from your School) during their office hours. Senators' office hours are available on panther connect. 


2023-2024 Committee Members

Haley Dawson, Chair, Graduate Senator
Ph.D., Legal Psychology, CASE

Alejandro Arzola, Vice Chair, Medical Senator
M.D., College of Medicine

Ahmed Soliman, Graduate Senator
Ph.D. Candidate, ESRL, ECE

Sarwar J. Minar, Graduate Senator
Ph.D. student, SIPA

Hossam Hussein, Graduate Senator
Ph.D. Candidate, ESRL, ECE

Kanayo Nomeh, Graduate Senator
Ph.D. student, SIPA

Ciara Jeneske, Law Senator
J.D., College of Law


Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11200 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33199
Graham Center 2200



Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

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