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The many changes taking place at FIU are a lot to take in. That’s why we created ASK CHARLIE, a site where you can get the information and support you need to build your schedule in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Who’s Charlie?

Dr. Charlie Andrews is the Assistant Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. He works with various colleges and departments at FIU to make sure you get everything you need to succeed at school and beyond––and he’s taking questions! Your academic advisor is ready and willing to assist you with your schedule, but if you need additional assistance finalizing your courses...Ask Charlie!

What to expect for Fall 2021

FIU’s priority is looking out for your health and making sure you earn your degree on time. One of the biggest ways we’re doing that is by adjusting how we deliver your learning. Here’s a brief refresher on what’s different about Fall 2021:

The three ways

The key thing to remember are the three new ways to take classes this Fall:

  1. Fully In-person. This is the classic classroom experience: the class meets in a classroom at scheduled days and times––only now there’ll be changes in classroom layout to accommodate physical distancing.
  2. Certified Hybrid. Hybrid courses meet in a classroom only some of the time (with classroom layout changes for physical distancing) while you do much of coursework online.
  3. Fully Online. These courses take place exclusively on Canvas. While you don’t have to show up at a scheduled time or place, you’ll need to keep up with the activities and due dates. Distance learning fees apply.

View your schedule

View your schedule. If you would like to add or drop classes, please visit MyFIU to make changes to your schedule.

Need more? Ask Charlie!

Fill out the form below with your questions or with a detailed description about what you need to build the best class schedule for you. Charlie’s here to help.

Frequently asked questions

These are a few common questions that our students have asked regarding the Fall 2021 class schedule. For additional Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the Panthers Protecting Panthers website.

  • What is happening with Fall 2021 classes?

    As FIU continues its repopulation efforts for the upcoming semesters, our university will be offering a robust and safe on-campus experience for students in the Fall 2021 semester. Beginning Fall 2021, all courses are being scheduled utilizing the pre COVID-19 modalities of Fully In-Person, Certified Hybrid, and Fully Online. Remote and HyFlex options developed during COVID-19 will not be course selection options.

    The Fall term being scheduled with physical distancing restrictions removed and pre COVID-19 classroom capacities restored.

  • How will I know my specific course schedule for Fall 2021?

    Students can access the new My Schedule page on our “AskCharlie” website to easily see their class schedule summarized for the upcoming semester! This is the time to make adjustments to your schedule if necessary. If you need or want to make a change, make sure to consult with your advisor using the Panther Success Network to ensure timely progress toward graduation. Students who would like to make changes to their course or schedule can sign in to their student portal.

    FIU will provide support to students who may need to adjust their schedules because of the uncertain conditions we’re all operating under. Additionally, payment plans are available.

  • What should I do if there is not a course being offered that specifically meets my needs?

    Please reach out to your advisor via the Panther Success Network found in to consult with them first. If you still need assistance after speaking with your advisor, you may then Ask Charlie a question about your schedule.

  • What does “NO ROOM” mean for the room assignment shown in MyFIU?

    “NO ROOM” means your class will be meeting virtually over Zoom and/or may have Canvas components to it. Expect communication from your instructor with further information once the semester starts.

  • What does “TBA” mean for the room assignment shown in MyFIU?

    TBA means your course will have an on-campus experience, but unfortunately a physical classroom has not been assigned yet. Please check back on MyFIU closer to the start of the semester once the physical room has been assigned.