Academic Grievances

What are academic grievances?

These definitions and procedures address grievances by FIU students in which the complaint or controversy alleges:

  1. Arbitrary and capricious awarding of grades*
  2. Unprofessional conduct by a professor that affects adversely either the student's ability to satisfy academic expectations, whether in the classroom, a field setting, a laboratory or other setting, or the student's actual performance
  3. Inappropriate or inadequate academic advising concerning requirements not published in official university documents
  4. Arbitrary dismissal from an undergraduate course or program except as described below
  5. Irregularities in the implementation of policies or procedures in grievance hearings at the college or school level

How to report

Charges of academic grievance may be brought against a faculty member, committee, or department chair by a student.

The student must meet with the faculty member, chair, or dean in order to settle the grievance informally via open and transparent processes of communication. After all means of informal resolution have been exhausted, the student can proceed to file a formal academic grievance with the Faculty Fellow for Academic Integrity.

These policies and procedures apply to both undergraduate and graduate students.

To view the full university policy, guidelines, and procedures for academic grievances, please refer to the Student Handbook.


Faculty Fellow, Academic Integrity
Dr. Kristen Nichols-Lopez